Wednesday, December 14, 2005

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES, YOU READ CORRECTLY!!! The countdown to Max's homecoming is officially on. NEXT WEDNESDAY IS HIS DISCHARGE DATE!!! Can you believe it??? Can you believe it??? (I have known for a few days but didn't want to jinx myself by telling too many people!)

There is so much planning to do...between final consultations with the many various specialties and training on the equipment and medicines, etc. But we are absolutely 100% thrilled and overwhelmed...and are now officially counting down the days!

YES, Max is coming home for the holidays...he truly is a miracle. If you don't believe in the spirit of Christmas, look into Max's eyes and you will feel the power of love and the Lord. Amazing!

The "only" holdup would be is if Max's cold far the infection showed up negative and he is just battling a serious cough and major congestion, which has worsened his breathing. However, he is putting up a good fight and already feeling so much better! Keep up the great work're coming home!!! YAY!!!

Thank you everyone for the many welcome home cards we have received...will be so fun to have in Max's room. Such loving, positive energy!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Max always seems to know when something BIG is coming up...heart surgery, going home, etc.! As the day progressed, Max felt worse and worse. A few hours ago he spiked a fever of 102 and heart rate was hovering in the 200s. He was facing respiratory distress...and there was quite the concern. If he continued that trend, he would be back in the ICU. Fortunately, his fever has subsided with the help of some drugs...and he seems much more comfortable. He even was playing with his tongue...a favorite activity of lil' Max. Until then, he had been absolutely miserable all afternoon and evening. Heartbreaking...nothing was making him settle down.

Hopefully he continues to stay stable throughout the night...we cannot afford a serious respiratory infection. We currently are in "ISO" (isolation) until the tests come back tomorrow.


Well, Max has come down with a cold...possibly pneumonia. He has been sneezing, coughing, gagging and just dealing with lots of extra secretions...not fun or easy on a lil' guy with chronic lung disease and narrow airways. So sad to see him struggling...he is having to breathe harder to compensate for the excess "snot." We have been doing A LOT of suctioning, which he HATES...and it is a never ending cycle. I was up throughout the night trying to keep up with it. We did an Xray last night (I got to carry him to the lab...such a quick but fun field trip!) and sure enough, it showed some changes. I had a feeling the past few days he was coming down with something. Hmm....if this continues, we will not be heading home very soon. HOPEFULLY it's a quickie and Max is going to show us how strong he is and will fight this infection well. The attending is coming by again this afternoon to check on his progress. This morning he was reminding me how "crummy" Max's health is..."awful lungs"...I said, don't you mean "awfully CUTE?" :) And overall just warning me how THIN the ice is with Mr. Max. But as of this morning, we were still talking about sending him home soon...however he is sounding worse as the day goes on. A little scary...

In between suctioning his nose and pumping for him, I am keeping busy with making Max's holiday cards for his international fan club. :) His photos are just TOO yummy delicious!!! :) No exaggeration! It's a great distraction from me stressing out about this cold/infection.

C'mon Max...we are soooo close to going home! Get better soon so you can meet your two funny, adorable pups and all the people who just adore you from afar! :)