Saturday, July 22, 2006


Today we reached a SUPER fun milestone during a quick shopping trip at Target. It was so incredible and I just wish someone was with us to experience the joyous moment! :) But hopefully I can convey how funny and exciting it was through words!

Max was in the shopping cart (in his car seat) chewing on one of his favorite toys. He picks up the toy and drops it. I pick it up, he drops it again. I pick it up again, he drops it again. He keeps doing this but he isn't really smiling about it...except when I start to laugh. So I'm thinking "ok, this has to be purposeful...but is he actually trying to play a game with me?" In the past week he has done this once or twice but never consistently, so this would be by far the first time we had an "interactive" exchange with toys. (Big milestone discussed in the special needs community!)

The game went on and on...dropping and picking it up at least 15 times. I tried putting it by his feet so he wouldn't drop it, but then he would kind of kick it off. By this point, I was laughing hysterically and Max was grinning away too! :)

It's freaking me out a bit (ok a lot) that it was on the floor that much, so we stock up on more of our favorite, kid-friendly Lysol spray and clean it off. As we head out of Target, I decide to give that toy and another favorite back to Max. And sure enough he immediately drops the one. Well as I go to pick up the one and hand it back to him, he tosses the other one. THIS HAPPENED FOUR TIMES!!! We are in the middle of about ten people and they are all chuckling. It was sooooo funny!!!

Mr. Max, I love that you are getting more and more of a personality. You're quite the character, and I fall more and more in love with you every day! Thank you for making me laugh so much was wonderful! :)


YAY! My amazing, handsome, very strong, smart and a lil' crazy cousin, THOMAS HENRY BOYLE, is turning ONE today! WOW! Happy Birthday Tom Tom!

Seems just like yesterday Mommy got a call at the hospital (where I was) from Aunt Eliz saying you might want to head home...Tom Tom might be arriving tonight! And what an arrival Thomas had! Aunt Eliz and Uncle Jim were very brave and had a home birth...what a change from my arrival!

Mom is very proud to be an aunt to this beautiful, incredible lil' man. He is developing super, super fast and wows us just about every day with his latest accomplishment! In the past few weeks he started taking a few steps, and then this week he decided heck with it...I'm walking! And now this guy is cruising all over the place and he even has learned how to water the flowers! He is sooooooooooooooo smart. I think he and Jackson are going to be very helpful to me in years to come! They are my best buddies in the whole wide world! :) Thanks guys for everything.

Happy Birthday Tom Tom! Mom and I love you very much and are so proud of you! YOU ROCK!!! (Or is that...YOU WALK???) :)

Love, Mighty Max

* And I have been feeling MUCH better these past few days, so I am off of oxygen during the day. That will be make it so much easier for us at Thomas's party today! YAY! Plus there are going to be ponies at the party! Definitely gotta go, enjoy the fun and celebrate Tom Tom's life! :)

Thomas getting the tool kit ready for his daddy!

Silly Papa is tickling us!

Aunt Elizabeth and Cousin Tom Tom smiling at me!

Thomas playing with me at my birthday party!

Friday, July 21, 2006


It is record hot out here in the NW...yikes! So today my mom tried to cool me off a bit with a lil' popsicle licking. Yummy! As you can see, I didn't get much in my actual mouth (still working on that swallowing issue!) but it sure was tasty and cold! :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I returned in the middle of the night after a very long day and was missing Mr. Max like crazy! I was only in WV for 24 hours and got right back on the plane to head home to my man. He was sleeping when I arrived, but I rocked him for a while and it was wonderful. And this morning I got a VERY joyful "happy dance"...super, super cute! :)

So as I wait for Max's night nurse to arrive, I thought I should answer everyone's emails and phone calls about the hearing. Well unfortunately there is no news yet. We are still not finished. I know, I know...when in the world will this be over??? The good news is that I think as more and more information is provided in the hearing, the truth is becoming quite clear and that certainly is encouraging. But being silent during the hearing (his testimony) is quite difficult...there is so much to be said and yet we have to follow "procedure" and argue the case at the end. That is difficult, you want to "argue" the case all along instead of just gathering the facts. I was teasing my lawyer this week that perhaps he forgot that along with my honorary nursing degree this past year, I also received a legal degree. :)

Anyway, now we will just have to wait until we reconvene and then see what the judge decides later this year.


YAY! I was soooooooooooo excited today to see a little white tooth peeking through Maxwell's upper gumline!!! He has been teething forever and ever, and I have just been waiting and waiting!

AND Maxwell also got his first lil' pimple this week. hee hee! I know, I's a weird "first" to have, but it was super cute! I think it may have been due to his current excessive steroid medication. (Max has been on heavy prednisone for his most recent respiratory distress issues, and he was on longer than usual this time. And wow, does that drug get him wired up! He has been a wild man for weeks now, and even as we are weaning him off...he still is crazy!)

I was teasing him today that perhaps we need to run to the drug store for some Clearasil and toothpaste!!! Mighty Max is growing up! :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I have received a lot of emails from his WV "Fan Club" asking about Mighty Max's travel plans. I am sorry to report that Max will not be making the trip back east this time. :(

He is still not at his "baseline" and we don't want to compromise his health any further. I have hired a full time nurse for the time that I am gone, so he will be in good hands. But I am going to miss my lil' guy like crazy!!! Today I have a million things left to do for the divorce, but more importantly, I have a million hugs and kisses to give to Max!!! :)