Thursday, January 12, 2006


Whew, I am feeling MUCH better! Last week was pretty rough...we practically were living at the doctor's office or the hospital for lab tests. I lost a pound (and that's a lot for a lil' 12 pounder like me!) because of my stomach virus...I was feeling really, really crummy!

But fortunately, Mom is really getting a hang of all this medical stuff and worked with my doctors to alter my medicines and feeds to get me better as fast as possible. She seems kind of stressed sometimes, but as soon I look at her, her worries seem to melt away. What power I have!

Thought you'd enjoy some of my latest photos! Take care everyone! Love, MIGHTY MAX
I took a nap in Mommy's bed yesterday, while she cleaned her room. When I woke up, she started to smother me with hugs and kisses (what's new!?!) and then we did an impromptu photo shoot of ourselves. But as you can see, I said "enough is enough! Go away paparazzi, go away!" :)

Does this dog ever go away??? I like him and all but he is always right by my side!

Just sitting back and chillin'!

Am I adorable or what? We just finished my bath (one of my favorite things to do!) and now I am getting ready for bed...after my million medical procedures (nebulizer, medicines, ointments, etc.). But Mom does a good job of making it all seem like fun! She gives me raspberries all over my face and neck, which makes me happy and entertained!

I absolutely LOVE my swing...and I often fall asleep in it too! One of my nurses teases that I will be a traffic cop because I love to use my hands...even when I am sleeping!

Pucker up, here comes a kiss from Maxwell! Mom loves this photo because 1) I look adorable and 2) I am sporting presents from two of our favorite people. The gorgeous white blanket is a gift from Miss Emma in WV and the too cute outfit is from Beautiful Maya in WA. Thanks girls! :)

Yes, I know...I am cute, cute, CUTE!!! This funky monkey outfit is a favorite of mine and a gift from Grandma and Papa in WV!


There were three baby boys in the NICU at the same time at Children's. We all came in around the same time and we, the parents, all became good friends. Friendships happen quickly and deeply when in such tragic situations. Carter, Maxwell and Lane soon became known as the "Three Amigos" and Lane's mom made them matching "amigo" style blankets. Unfortunately Carter's body was slowly deteriorating over the past months and there were many times we were told he probably had less than 48 hours. However, each time Courageous Carter would pull through and surprise everyone.

On our discharge day, I had a few moments to say a quiet emotional goodbye to Carter and I encouraged him to let us know what he needed....if he was to be here, everyone would do whatever possible for him...but if he was needing to go, it was ok too and we would take care of his parents. His body finally gave up early this morning, and now we as his friends and family are finally having to let go of this precious little boy....Max's amigo.

Miraculously Carter's parents (who are fabulous and loving people) just recently found out they are pregnant...I like to believe that Carter was waiting for a sign and this was exactly what he wanted for his parents. Nothing will ever replace Carter or his presence in this world, but what a miracle to have a new life to celebrate at the same time we grieve his loss.

Please keep the Hayes family in your prayers tonight and wish them peace and comfort as they mourn the passing of Courageous Carter.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


The local Bellingham paper ran their feature on MIGHTY MAX today. As we ran around town for his numerous appointments, several nurses stopped us and said, "hey is that Max that was in today's paper?" Too funny. I stopped at Starbucks for a much needed lift and bought a bunch of papers and of course proudly showed everyone..."that is my son!" There is a big photo on the front page and basically the whole page of the front feature section. Great publicity for CHARGE and Children's Hospital...and of course sweet, gorgeous, adorable Mr. Max.

For those of you not in Bham and want to see Max's latest coverage:


While we are in a brief pit stop at home so I can pump and Max can get his feeds, I thought I'd send a quick note to update everyone on Maxwell this weekend.

He has not overcome this nasty "bug" and continues to spike fevers and have diarrhea...which is making him incredibly uncomfortable. The past 36 hours he has not stopped crying and/or fussing. We have been making MANY trips to the lab for blood draws to ensure the stability of his electrolytes and changing his meds accordingly. However, today because of his high fever and diarrhea issues, the doctor is thinking he will need to be checked in at the local hospital. We were REALLY hoping to avoid that...but if that is what we need, so be it. He had started to recover mid week and we were quite hopeful, but then fell back again.

Right now we are waiting at home while we wait to hear today's lab results. We had to go to two different places because the first was unable to get a good vein to draw from. Yet another fun filled, exciting weekend! Poor lil' Max is so incredibly sad...his cries are simply heartbreaking. And we are both absolutely exhausted!

I am still keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have to go to the hospital...but we'll see. The odds are against us this time. At least I hope it is only for an overnight stay for observation, IV, etc....and we can fix him up again and bring him back home.