Sunday, December 10, 2006


Maxwell's sleep study confirmed our suspicions....he indeed has "obstructive sleep apnea." That basically means he has airway obstruction during sleep. Nothing too serious (it's pretty common), but it does require some intervention.

We have already implemented the first step, which is to increase his supplementary oxygen at night. Keeping him on a uniform, higher amount seems to help. But the bad news is that he won't be rid of O2 for quite some time. It's funny how many times I have thought we were nearing the end of the gigantic tanks, cannulas, tubing in our home...and then sure enough, the next week everything changes.

If the problem continues, we may try CPAP but I just don't think Maxwell will tolerate the mask very well. And another option that may help is a surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. This would hopefully enlarge his narrow airway.

I have scheduled another appointment with his ENT team for their thoughts. If they want to do that surgery, I am hoping to coordinate it with his urology surgery in March/April.


Maxwell's buddy, Evan, is one blessed little man! Not only does he have a wonderful, loving, proactive mommy (we love you Sarah!), but his daddy is also incredible! They have worked out a very unique situation and it is working quite well. While she works outside the home, he has given up his career to be Evan's full time caregiver/nurse/therapist.

What a team...what a family! We love all three of you and are so proud of the progress Evan is making with the support of such a dedicated team. :)

Here is Sarah's latest entry on Jeremy, Evan's daddy. Isn't that great?