Thursday, September 07, 2006


Ok ladies and gentlemen...this is pretty exciting news! BIG, BIG, BIG NEWS!!! Mommy is so thrilled that she said I should be the one to tell everyone!

Are you ready?


Can you believe it? Mom was going crazy! I was pretty happy too! Uncle Jim and the boys were coming over to take us on a walk, so they got to see my big moment too. There was so much commotion even a few neighbors came over to see me! It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exciting!

And the entire time, I was babbling to Mommy. She was so happy and overwhelmed that she couldn't decide to laugh or cry! She is just a lil' in love with me! :) She said this is one of the best moments EVER. Wow!

At first, I fell over a few times and I got very upset because I do NOT like laying in the grass. Yuckity yuck yuck! It feels so weird. But Mommy kept pushing me to try, try, try, and finally I got just the right position and sat there...and sat there...and sat there!!! :) YAY!

Hi Mommy! How exciting is this???

Can you believe it?

Well, if we are going to have a photo shoot ... let's have some fun with it and try out some different looks!

"What you talking 'bout Willis?" (Remember Different Strokes? Isn't that just perfect?)

Or what about this one...
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

And this photo is for the ladies...

Miss Maya, thank you so much for this super fun outfit! Love you!

And Cousin Giavonna, I really like my necklace! Thanks girlfriend!

Mommy, you STILL taking my picture?

And then the boys joined us. Jackson thought we should all get our picture taken together. Mommy was sooo excited to see me SITTING with my two cousins. How sweet are we?

Hey Tom Tom, how'd you get SO BIG? Very impressive!

Look at me interacting with Jackson? I feel like one of the gang!

I think Tom Tom is getting nervous that I might start taking his toys!

And here is me with my three favorite guys! :)


This fall our calendar is packed with visits from family and friends...YAY! So many people wanting to come and spend time with Mighty Maxwell! I am sooooo excited to show him off to everyone! :)

Our first visitor arrives tomorrow...Grandma Mary! She is going to be blown away with all his progress since our trip to WV in June. I can't wait! :) YAY!!!


This morning we had our sign language session. Max didn't want to show off his first sign of "up" (he raises his hands up when I show him), but that's ok. She said it is common for kiddos to learn a sign and then stop for a month and then start up again. He thinks it is so funny when I do it and sometimes he does it back...but not today. :)

What she really liked seeing is that he does his version of the "deaf clap." When he is excited, he puts his arms out and moves his fingers. It is very sweet! We are trying to turn it into a "clap" but might go with his silent version of a "deaf clap." Everyone loves when he does this! :)

This afternoon we went to the grocery store again. Ok I admit it, I am ADDICTED to my lil' guy riding in the shopping cart! And soon, he won't be able to go anymore (cold and flu season is approaching and Max will be in his bubble again!) So in the meantime I am trying to enjoy each and every minute of our time together! He was being so funny today and we were playing lots of "therapy" games in the aisles. I have a new bad habit though of completely forgetting we are in public and just doing our own thing. It sure gets you lots of funny looks! Oh well! :) He is just too, too, too can I resist?

Max also got a hair cut today (by me). We took a bath and I decided his wet, long locks needed a little trimming. He is looking mighty good...and don't worry, I left lots of his sweet curls! One of these days I should probably take him to the barber for a "real" hair cut but that just seems so grown up! Plus, that is a long time for him to sit up. Even with assistance, he gets worn out pretty easily.

For the most part, he is having a fairly good "medical" week so we were able to enjoy our day out and about. His O2 needs are up again (so confusing) and he had a major desat last night but recovered with intervention. He vomited again yesterday without much coughing...which makes me think his Nissen is indeed loosening. The last test did not show reflux but we are going to have him tested again in September. Something has got to change because this vomiting is definitely not good for his lungs...major risk of aspiration. We have about 12 clinic visits in September and October...lots and lots of time at Children's this fall. Hopefully not many overnights.

I also spent a good chunk of the day dealing with divorce issues. Lots of calls with my attorney, going through paperwork, and just working through some details with the soon to be ex. I think we *might* actually get divorced this time around...hopefully! This is our third hearing! I am having to compromise on too many issues, but I just want this completed. On top of everything with Maxwell, dealing with this failed marriage and the resulting financial issues is simply too much. It was strange today when I returned my ex's phone call and it was his fiancee's phone. I laughed it off, but come bizarre is this situation? It's ridiculous. But soon enough (hopefully), at least the divorce issue will be completed. I'll keep you posted!

Max will be waking up from his nap soon and we have lots to learn! We are working a lot this week on sensory issues. His OT introduced a lot of new textures to him this week and we are really working on his acceptance. :) We are *hoping* to overcome (at least a little) this sensory issue before it becomes a major problem in the future.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So today I had the opportunity to work out...yay! Occasionally I give up my night nursing so that I have some day nursing hours to do errands, etc. Recently I have been stressed more than usual and I decided that I needed a "release." Working out has always been the best way for me to reduce stress...and right now that is a pretty high priority!

I was enjoying my class and problems were temporarily forgotten. Yay! Then the song "Lets Get it Started" was on and the instructor was singing along. She sang "let's get retarded..."

My heart sank. And all of my problems came rushing back to me. I left class immediately. Why do people use that word so casually? It hurts to the core.

Before I left the gym though, I realized I had to say something. I had to let her know how inappropriate that word is unless it is being used medically. So I did...quite a lengthy note but very respectful. She called me this afternoon to apologize. She said as soon as she sang it, she thought about it not being "right." But she had seen it on the instruction video so many times with the instructor saying it and that it stuck in her head. So what do you think my next step is? Yep, I am going to call the company and talk with them too. Additionally, the local instructor is going to apologize to the class next week, which I think is great.

I was proud of myself for saying something. I could simply have left the gym and been upset. But that wouldn't help anyone or change anyone's actions in the future.

It simply is inappropriate to use the word "retarded" in any context besides medical (i.e. retarded growth and development) and I am learning that if I (and others) don't say anything in defense of the special needs community, who will?

*And to my instructor (if you are reading this today):
Thank you for your phone call and apology. I know you didn't mean any harm and thank you for your sensitivity now and in the future! I loved your class today...I actually temporarily forgot my problems and that is huge!!! :)

*And to all parents and everyone else:
If you ever hear your children casually using the word "retarded", i.e. the infamous teen phrase "what, are you retarded or something?", PLEASE say something to them. Explain to them how inappropriate this is. Explain why...and perhaps they will think again before using such terms. Thank you very, very, very much!!!