Wednesday, December 28, 2005


This is me coming home from the very first car ride! I have been transported by helicopter and by ambulance...but never by a car. Pretty exciting! My mom held my hand almost the whole time, which was very reassuring! :)

TUMMY TIME...not again!!! My mom keeps encouraging me to strengthen my neck muscles by putting me in a variety of positions but quite frankly (as you can see by the look on my face), I don't really like "tummy time." But apparently this is really important so I will continue to try. :)

Yummy, these fingers taste sooo good! (Developmentally this is a great sign that I am playing with my fingers so my mom is very excited about this! All I care about though is that finger sucking is fun!!!)
How sweet and cuddly am I? This is me cozying up with my mommy on Christmas morning. What a way to start my day!!!
I absolutely adore my Uncle Jim!!! He is planning all kinds of exciting outdoor adventures for us when I get bigger...hiking, kayaking,, lots of fun awaits us!!! I guess first I need to worry about getting rid of all my tubes and wires! :)
Speaking of FUN adventures, look at me! I am going on my very first outdoors walk! (And how ADORABLE am I in my hat!?!) There was quite a lot of work to get me "mobile" (Mom had to bring the O2 tank, monitors, etc. with us) but we all had so much fun! Thanks everyone for making this happen!
Hope you enjoyed some highlights of my past few days...we have been keeping busy! Today I have my first doctor's visit with my PCP...just like a "normal" baby. Well, except that my mom will be bringing my HUGE medical notebook, xrays, the works...but one good thing is that we don't have to wait. We are not "allowed" to wait with all the other children...because of germs, so I get right in! I guess sometimes my "fragility" can work FOR us. :) We gotta think positive!
Have a great day everyone! We plan to! Well, we didn't have a nurse last night and I kept my mommy busy throughout the night so hopefully she keeps up her good spirits, but I have a feeling she is getting pretty exhausted these days...but fortunately I am super cute and that seems to make up for it. I just throw her my gorgeous smile and she lights up and forgets her sleepless nights!!! :) Off to smile for mom and keep her happy!!! She seems to enjoy me A LOT!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


How adorable am I new with my new buddies, Barney & Shakespeare!?! We are becoming fast friends and my mom is overwhelmed with joy every time we are together! She was sooo excited for all of us to meet!

Barney (the white dog on the left) is ok with me being here, but leaves me alone for the most part. Actually I think this is one of the only times he has acknowledged my presence! Perhaps he is a little sad that I am taking my mommy's attention away from him...but give him time and I'm sure he will soon adore me!

Today my mommy is taking him to the doctor's for a biopsy of his nose. The doc thinks he has skin cancer or canine lupus. My mommy is very worried...between you and me though, I think he is just trying to get the attention away from me!!! Nice try dog. But just in case, please do keep Barney in your prayers. My mom loves him very, very much and I am sure I will too.

Shakespeare (the brown dog on the right) is another story. He already adores me! Or perhaps he knows to get my mom's attention, he has to be next to me! Either way, we are having fun. And yes, that is his tongue in the picture. He loves to kiss mommy tries to keep that to a minimum. But I don't mind it! We are already great buddies!

I'll keep you posted on Barney's nose...right now I must run and prepare for my newspaper interview. Mom is going to get me super cute for the photos! That shouldn't take long...doesn't she know it comes naturally for me!?!

Sunday, December 25, 2005


This is me in my Christmas stocking made with loving care by my Grammy Mary. She stitched most of it while she visited my mommy on bedrest in the hospital. Thanks Grammy...don't I look adorable in your work of art?

Again, could I be ANY cuter??? (Mommy had an enlargement of this photo on my hospital door...along with MANY other mom LOVED to get me extra attention!!! Everyone said it made them smile!!!)

Hmmm....I wonder if Mommy will stop taking pictures anytime soon?

This beautiful white blanket was a gift from my sweet friend, Emma.


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! My mommy and I are wishing everyone a holiday season of joy, peace and love!

I am thrilled to be celebrating my first Christmas...and at home! WOW! How wonderful is that!?!?

I didn't bother to go shopping for my mommy because I think I am about the best gift she could ever receive!!! (Hopefully she feels the same when I am an ornery teenager!)

But boy, did you all ever go shopping!!! My living room is filled with gifts from all of you...thank you, thank you!!! I am very excited to see all the fun toys my family and friends have sent to, how generous and thoughtful of everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :) Mom says everyone has been absolutely amazing and your prayers have made the difference in my healing. THANKS!!! I still have a way to go, so keep up the prayers if you don't mind!

Love and warm holiday greetings to all of you!

P.S. Oh and by the way, I will warn mom has literally not put down the camera since my homecoming. So watch out, if she starts putting the pictures up on my blog, you might be a bit overwhelmed...I'll try and keep her posting to a minimum. :)