Thursday, June 08, 2006


Where do I even begin? Yesterday's all day hearing was intense and LONG. And since we are in the midst of the divorce proceedings, I am not permitted to discuss any specifics. However, I did want to provide at least a quick update since I have been flooded with emails, phone calls and blog postings. Thanks everyone for your amazing support and encouragement...great strength in numbers! :) Max's fan club has proven time and time again to provide a much needed boost to us at all the right times!

First, the hearing wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Obviously it wasn't easy, but the truth is absolutely 100% on my side, so I felt very comfortable testifying about everything...what happened in the marriage, the ill health and development of Maxwell, and the financial needs in being his full time caregiver. I thought I would be very emotional but I was able to stay focused on fighting for what Max needs...and that felt wonderful. It is just such a shame that this is what had to happen. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be in this situation. I thought we would be happily married for the rest of our lives with a happy family, good friends, strong businesses, and a great life. But instead here we are in divorce court fighting over the needs of our, life really takes you by surprise sometimes, doesn't it???

Second, I cannot give details on the "fault" that was proved. All that matters at this point is that I hope this helps to have my legal fees paid for by the other party. I don't think I should be responsible for these extreme divorce costs when I did nothing wrong. Haven't I been punished enough already?

Third, we are not finished unfortunately...not by a long shot. We will resume our hearing at a later date this summer, and I will be forced to once again travel back to WV.

I am sorry that I cannot offer more details "publicly" because I know you all care tremendously about Maxwell. But rest assured that I will make certain that the father owns up to his responsibilty. Perhaps after yesterday's testimony and some options we provided, he will see the situation more clearly. There is no other choice.