Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Got back late tonight from another day at Children's...ENT appointment (positive) and hearing test (negative). Max will be happy to wake up tomorrow morning and finally get to play with all his new Christmas toys.

And we added to his treasures even more today! We stopped at the toy store and bought a lot more fun bath toys. :) Ok, I went overboard, but he is really starting to enjoy bathtime and that is so exciting!

ANYWAY, I received a lot more emails today from people concerned why I haven't been posting anything new on this site. Nothing is wrong, it's just that we started a new website. I think some people missed my entry about our new site that will be more limited to our friends, family and "cheerleaders."

The 12/18 entry explains the who, what, why. Any questions, send me an email at amysmckinley@aol.com. (The new site has videos of Mighty Max too...so cute!)

If you fit into one of those categories above and have not yet received an email invite, please let me know. Sorry if I have forgotten about you!

Ok, off to bed...no nurse last night or tonight and after today, I am very very tired!