Monday, August 29, 2005


Maxwell Bennett McKinley was baptized on Sunday at Children's Hospital. What a magical moment! Celebrating the momentous event were Elizabeth and Jim (Max's godparents), Jackson and Thomas (Max's cousins), and three of Max's favorite nurses. It was an incredibly special day, and Max looked gorgeous in his beautiful white baptism gown. He was on the slightly fussy side (looking back, I think he was starting not to feel well), and we said it's because he thought he was wearing a dress and was embarrased! We did find ourselves telling him how pretty he looked!

We were able to hold the baptism in the church chapel, which is down the hall from Max's room. Typically it would take two minutes to get there, however, we had quite an entourage of staff helping me with the oxygen tank, monitor, etc. so it was a much longer trip and we garnered much attention! It was certainly worth it, but it was also frustrating. I cannot wait for the day to be able to walk around with Max by myself, and not with a whole team! Oh what independence! :)

We would love to have had more family and friends with us for Max's baptism, but I hope everyone understands that I felt it was important to have him baptized now. The chaplain is a wonderful woman and I feel a strong connection to her. She comes every day and says a special prayer for Max, which is incredibly comforting and inspiring for me. Perhaps in the future we will hold a more formal baptism and everyone will be invited.

I will post photos later this week of beautiful Max on his big day!


Ruthie said...

Whatever brings you and Max comfort brings us comfort. You are always in all of our prayers. Love ya'.

Elizabeth said...

Jim and I were so happy to be there for such a special occasion! We are honored to serve as his godparents -- may we fulfill and exceed all our responsibilities! :) Elizabeth

Elizabeth said...
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