Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Yep, Max is heading back to the ICU....again. The past 24 hours he has been major fussy and his oxygen requirements have increased. Then today he stayed worked up for hours...and sure enough he started have tachycardia (high heart rate), extremely high respiratory rate and quite a fever. So immediately our room became filled with numerous doctors, machines...the works. He got another chest xray and another EKG...results are pending. Right now the IV nurses are trying to get a new IV in him. I stayed at bedside for the first three attempts but I had to step out a few minutes and catch a breath. He actually was handling it pretty well, but it is very tough for a mom to watch her lil' guy get a needle stuck in his head time and time again. Today has been exhausting (and we were up pretty much all night)...and once again pretty scary.

The ICU doctors and I just met and he will head up there within the hour. They need to bump another kid to make room for Max. Hopefully he will calm down and he will return to the floor within a day or two. Keeping my hope that this is just Max getting worked up. They were referring to Max as having "thin ice disease." Basically since his body is pretty weak he is on "thin ice" and if anything little goes wrong with Max, it becomes major because he has no reserves. Let's hope nothing serious is brewing...

Max needs prayers for comfort and peace...and prayers for the doctors that they can decide on a good solution to heal Max's heart and lungs. We need his breathing to SLOW DOWN and his body to grow in length and weight!!!

Additionally, please keep some of our new friends in your prayers: Jacob (28 week old preemie desperately needing a liver transplant but is not eligible b/c he is on a vented trach), Madison (diagnosed with a genetic disorder similar to CHARGE and undergoing a heart surgery as we speak), Timmy (terminal cancer and we need a miracle...quickly), Ben (another preemie with CHARGE who I met online), and sweet little Ryan, the nephew of one of my best friends (a month old baby suffering from major heart complications). Lots of wonderful little boys and girls who all deserve lots of happiness, joy, comfort and peace...thank you for keeping them all (Maxwell especially!!!) in your thoughts and prayers.


Steph said...

Hey Amy,

Thinking of you and Maxwell, praying for comfort and peace for you both.


Sara B said...

Praying for a peaceful night for both of you, my friend!