Sunday, February 19, 2006


Greetings from Mighty Max!!!

Mom and Aunt Eliz celebrated their 33rd birthday this weekend, and Papa and Grandma joined us for the celebration! What a good time! :) And what made Mom's birthday extra special was that I was here...this is her very first birthday as a mommy...last year I was just a little wee one still in her belly!

Here are some photo highlights of our weekend!

How absolutely beautiful am I? I'm just chillin' in my swing and watching the WVU Basketball game with my grandparents. (Sorry'll get 'em next time!)

Silly Shakespeare...he is always right by my side!

Papa's cheeks are sooooo delicious...yum yum!

Papa and I had so much fun cuddling and snuggling. He is sooo impressed with how good I look...and heck he is quite handsome himself! Must be where I get my good looks! :)

He and Grandma were blown away with how different I am than before...I am really making progress! Last time they saw me was right before heart surgery in November...I wasn't feeling too good then. Those holes in my heart were giving me some serious problems. But boy did the surgery work wonders!

Grandma was telling me a funny story about Mommy...she says there are lots more!!! :)

Papa and Grandma joined us for church...we loved sharing our wonderful family in Christ with them! Christ the King has provided us with so much love and warmth and we are forever grateful.

Today Mommy introduced me to our wonderful Pastor. He saw us in the nursing room as he was going into service and stopped by to see how everything was going. Mommy had prayed with him after service one day when I was struggling in the hospital...and even though he has thousands of church members, he remembered us and was so excited to hear how great I am doing. Thank you Christ the King!!!


ang said...

beautiful pictures Amy and Max..

What a wonderful gift you have given each other for this special occasion..

Happy Birthday Amy!!

alisen barlean said...

Love the new pictures!! It looks like Max had a wonderful visit with grandma and grandpa! Once again, Happy Birthday!! It has been so great being able to see you and Max lately...a bright part of our day! Thanks again for blessing us with such a beautiful little are much loved!

Cathy Humphrey said...

Just adorable pictures Max! I especially love the one with grandpa cradling your head and your are touching his cheeks. What love! You have a birthday coming up soon too! I'll bet mommy is soooooo excited.
Happy Birthday from Ripley Curves!

rebecca said...

What a great weekend you guys had. Maxwell looks so happy playing with his Grandpa. Thanks for sharing the amazing pictures.

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday Amy and Elizabeth!!! Maxwell, you're looking awesome. You are becoming one handsome little man!!! Thanks for sharing your pics!


Anara said...

What a Wonderful Birthday for you're Mommy and Aunt Elizabeth!! And to have Grandpa and Grandma there too, WOW!!! You look so good in their arms, I bet they had a hard time saying goodbye to you when they had to go home.. Did Grandam trying hiding you in her suitcase to take you home with her? Well, I would like to wish you're Mommy and Aunt Elizabeth Happy Birthday too!!!
Tell Mommy that I love you two!!

Steph said...


Am buying my ticket to come see you guys this week...cause I just can't wait anymore to kiss those cheeks!

Glad you guys had fun with Papa and Grandma!

Love you both,

Drew said...

Great Pictures.
Max, it looks like you had a lot of fun visitors. It must have been fun to see Grandma and Papa. I especially like the pictures of your Momma holding're both beautiful!

Ruthie said...

Just absolutely one of the sweetest things I have ever seen when Max was kissing PaPa! Max you really do look awesome! Amy, as beautiful as ever.
Take care-