Thursday, September 07, 2006


This morning we had our sign language session. Max didn't want to show off his first sign of "up" (he raises his hands up when I show him), but that's ok. She said it is common for kiddos to learn a sign and then stop for a month and then start up again. He thinks it is so funny when I do it and sometimes he does it back...but not today. :)

What she really liked seeing is that he does his version of the "deaf clap." When he is excited, he puts his arms out and moves his fingers. It is very sweet! We are trying to turn it into a "clap" but might go with his silent version of a "deaf clap." Everyone loves when he does this! :)

This afternoon we went to the grocery store again. Ok I admit it, I am ADDICTED to my lil' guy riding in the shopping cart! And soon, he won't be able to go anymore (cold and flu season is approaching and Max will be in his bubble again!) So in the meantime I am trying to enjoy each and every minute of our time together! He was being so funny today and we were playing lots of "therapy" games in the aisles. I have a new bad habit though of completely forgetting we are in public and just doing our own thing. It sure gets you lots of funny looks! Oh well! :) He is just too, too, too can I resist?

Max also got a hair cut today (by me). We took a bath and I decided his wet, long locks needed a little trimming. He is looking mighty good...and don't worry, I left lots of his sweet curls! One of these days I should probably take him to the barber for a "real" hair cut but that just seems so grown up! Plus, that is a long time for him to sit up. Even with assistance, he gets worn out pretty easily.

For the most part, he is having a fairly good "medical" week so we were able to enjoy our day out and about. His O2 needs are up again (so confusing) and he had a major desat last night but recovered with intervention. He vomited again yesterday without much coughing...which makes me think his Nissen is indeed loosening. The last test did not show reflux but we are going to have him tested again in September. Something has got to change because this vomiting is definitely not good for his lungs...major risk of aspiration. We have about 12 clinic visits in September and October...lots and lots of time at Children's this fall. Hopefully not many overnights.

I also spent a good chunk of the day dealing with divorce issues. Lots of calls with my attorney, going through paperwork, and just working through some details with the soon to be ex. I think we *might* actually get divorced this time around...hopefully! This is our third hearing! I am having to compromise on too many issues, but I just want this completed. On top of everything with Maxwell, dealing with this failed marriage and the resulting financial issues is simply too much. It was strange today when I returned my ex's phone call and it was his fiancee's phone. I laughed it off, but come bizarre is this situation? It's ridiculous. But soon enough (hopefully), at least the divorce issue will be completed. I'll keep you posted!

Max will be waking up from his nap soon and we have lots to learn! We are working a lot this week on sensory issues. His OT introduced a lot of new textures to him this week and we are really working on his acceptance. :) We are *hoping* to overcome (at least a little) this sensory issue before it becomes a major problem in the future.


elle said...

bet ur exes finoce was surprised lol now if you coudl get her to read the blog maybe she could convinxe him about max hmmmmm love ya

Scoobs3angels said...


I found Max's blog from an article in the West Virginia Gazette about you and Max. I love reading the daily updates. I was reading your blog about your divorce issues (mine divorce was just finalized a few days ago, and it took me 16 months to get that finished.). PLEASE PLEASE don't compromise to much. You deserve and are entitled to your fair share. I know it seems easier to compromise and get it over with, but don't give up things you want or need. Its not worth it. I am speaking from experience.

I love reading updates about Max and I especially love when you post new pictures. He truly is a beautiful amazing little man!

Ruthie said...

I love how you are so active with Max. Your complete devotion to him astounds me each time I read this blog. Thank you Amy for your amazing example. And as far as the divource stuff goes, I also hope that you do not compromise too much. You and Max deserve to live a life without added worries and stresses. So please keep your strength in this matter also so that your focus may always be on Max and yourself.
Take care-