Sunday, October 30, 2005


This year Max has decided to celebrate Halloween as "Robot Boy." It's quite a confusing (and quite depressing for Mom) costume and it requires a one on one nurse and a lot of sedation to maintain the "appearance." We hope your costumes are slightly less intense and allow more movement! :)

Max did wear his "My Little Pumpkin" hat yesterday (which everyone loved!!!) but I didn't have my camera with me! He couldn't wear the rest of the outfit because of all of his IVs and attachments. A volunteer made a super fun Halloween quilt for his crib too. (The volunteers here are so wonderful!)


Anara said...

Happy Halloween to you too Max, I love your costume, it's an original! just like you. Next year you can be superman, after all, that's how I see you. Thank you for the pictures amy, I love seeing our little guy. Big hugs and kisses for the little pumpkin. I love you two!!! XOXOXO

Meredith said...

Maxi-Max!! We have been praying extra hard for you lately. We love you so much and want you to feel better. Davey wanted me to tell you that he will save some of his trick-or-treat candy for you. He sends Eskimo kisses!

Aunt Meredith and Davey

Wick said...

Max is clearly a tough little guy. He’s got some strong genes in him, but I don’t think he would be fighting as hard if you weren’t there breathing life into him. You are much more than a team together, you two are a force and anyone who tunes into your journey is transformed. Thank you for speaking to all of us. Your focus, effort, and love is as pure and clear as can be. And , Amy, as you said Friday, you have been training for this. It does seem to work that way. You have all of our thoughts, love, and support. Wick

Steph said...

Amy and Max,

We know you're in for a very rough couple of weeks...we're there with you in spirit, and hopefully you can sense the love and support from the hundreds of people across the country who think about you two every day.

We're bracing for the next part of the roller coster ride with you, and praying for peace and continued strength for you both.

Love you,

Heather said...

Happy Halloweenie! Amy, I don't know you well, but man, I hold you up there in my book. Only moms know where you are inside, and that fight that you have for Max shows through in him.
You have such a beautiful, cute, son, and my thoughts go to you and him everyday.
I love the pictures you gift to us, it shows me 1. How dang cute and chubby Max is getting every day, and 2. How real his battle is and how heartwrenching your days are. Thank you... Heather, Brady and Natalie Allred