Monday, November 07, 2005


So earlier today I am in with Max and I notice a little "yellowish gunk" in his eyes. I mention it to the nurse and she thought it was probably nothing. However, I have memorized every nook and cranny of dear Maxwell and can tell when something is "different," so I asked that we have the doctor look at it. (I felt kind of paranoid for asking, but thought what the heck...I already have a reputation around here for asking lots and lots of questions...might as well live up to it today!) The resident then brought the ICU Fellow, who then brought in the cardiac surgeon...and sure enough, it is of concern. Darnit! I was sooo hoping that I was wrong!

They are sending a "sample" to be tested and results will be in around midnight tonight. The concern is that it may be the beginning of an infection...and they definitely do not want him to undergo such an intense surgery with any type of virus. Even with the test, they won't know for certain that all is well because it takes time for the virus to most likely it will be a judgement call for the surgeon. He promised me they would make "the best decision." If we delay, it will probably have to be next week because they want to give Max a few days and make sure there isn't indeed any infection.

To put it mildly, the stress level is fairly high right now..."will we? won't we? will we? won't we?" And quite honestly, I am a little frustrated that I am the only one who noticed this. What would have happened if I had just kept my mouth shut or simply not noticed? Oh well...I guess that is why a parent's involvement is so important! We know our children best!

I'll keep you posted.


Traci said...

Hi Amy,

This is Traci (Kristi's friend). I've been reading about little Max and praying for him (and you, too)! I also wanted to let you know that my mom is a youth leader and has asked her youth group to pray for Max as well. You both are in so many prayers -- we wish you the very best.

We spent some time at Children's hospital with our oldest son -- but it truly doesn't even compare to the journey you've been on. You are an amazing Mom! Max is a lucky little boy!!

Hang in there -- get well -- God Bless!

~Traci Parcher

Anara said...

I'm sure the surgen will make the best decission for Max. I am praying that this will not hold up the operation, but what's best must be done. I am really glad that your Mom and Sister and others will be there with you, they will be great support for you. I will be praying all day tomorrow for our little guy and you also!!! I love you two, blow
thru your mask some kisses for Max for me.. XOXOXOXO