Thursday, March 09, 2006


I think Maxwell looks so cute in his hearing aides! We are doing our best to wear at least one as often as possible...but what a challenge it is!!!

I was trying to take the photo above this one (where you could see the hearing aide) but Max kept turning to me and the camera. Hmm, is it odd that this lil' guy is loving the camera already? And then he added in a good "pucker up" pose as an added bonus!!! :)

Max and one of his very first stuffed animals...the MONKEY! I bought this in the hospital when it was becoming apparent that his ear was definitely different and not just preemie. They told me this could be a sign of a genetic disorder and I was trying to come to grips with that. So one day I was in the hospital gift shop (retail therapy!) and noticed this monkey and how his ears kind of resembled Max's. It immediately made me smile and for the following week, I carried this monkey with me at all times. Weird? I guess, but it brought me comfort at a very difficult time! Since then, that ear has lovingly been nicknamed the "funky monkey" ear and even his audiologist refers to it that way now! :)

Maxwell LOVES his toys!!! And because we waited so long for him to reach this point, I am still so in awe every time he reaches for something and enjoys playing with it!!! This is one of his very favorites!

"Oops I dropped it again...Mom?"


Sara B said...

God, he's cute! You did good Miss Amy!! I'm needing a Max fix, it's been too long. If I go to nursing school, do I get to babysit?


lisa salisbury said...

The "Pucker-up" picture is just too cute! You are one handsome little man, Maxwell.

Anara said...

You just get more handsome everday Maxwell!!!! You can hardly see Max's hear aid, it must be pretty small. Max seams to love his Monkey very much, it's really cute. How sweet to get a kiss from those beautiful little lips..
You two have a great weekend!!!
Love, Anara

Ruthie said...

The hearing aide is amazing! I'm sure that he will eventually get used to it. He is really too cute! He looks great!

Steph said...

He could not possibly be any cuter!!!!!!!

My countdown is on...only 8 days until I can kiss those cheeks!