Tuesday, March 07, 2006


This morning we have a 3 hour evaluation with a renowned speech pathologist/hearing specialist. Everyone says we are so blessed to have her in Bellingham, so I am very excited to meet and work with her!

As noted previously, Max has a very substantial hearing loss (very, very common with CHARGErs). Unfortunate and very disheartening is that often he doesn't show change even with his hearing aides on (when he allows me to put them on that is!!!). However, the fluid currently in his ears may be playing a role in that additional loss too. I am HOPING his hearing is not worsening. He does respond sometimes to sound, but I think it usually is more to my facial expression versus what I am saying. So I try my own hearing tests and go to the side and unfortunately no response...we'll see what her thoughts are.

Later today we have a trip to the doctors for the monthly testerone shot (sorry Max!), OT appointment, and of course our nearly daily run to the pharmacy. And hopefully many successful therapy sessions in between with just him and me! :)

We made some great progress orally yesterday...I was laughing and smiling so much that I had tears in my eyes! He is soooo awesome! He finally let me back in his mouth after that dreadful barium! Wonderful! Max and I were having such a good time that the dogs tried to join in too! They were going crazy and trying to get right in our faces and lick off the food...too funny! :)


Anara said...

That's so great that Max is feeding again.. I knew he would come around. Maxwell probably loves having Shakespear and Barney giving him kisses.. I am smiling just reading your entry. I am praying for Max's lungs and hearing along with his hole little body. Lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles. Love ya

ang said...

That's Right MIGHTY MAX you keep going!! You NEVER GIVE UP!!!