Friday, September 15, 2006


Today Max's friend, Evan, went under general anethesia (always scary with CHARGErs) for a few surgical procedures. One of them (for undescended testicles) Max will probably have to have soon.

CHARGE kiddos often have some genitalia issues. That is the "G" in CHARGE. For example, Maxwell was born with a "micropenis" (very small penis -- but it was soooo very cute) and had to undergo months of testerone shots to encourage growth. Then the testicles are another issue....they often don't descend on their own. There are many other issues that can occur too, but right now this is what we are dealing with.

Evan, we are thinking about you buddy and hoping for a speedy recovery! (If it hurt a lot, please don't tell Max!) And we are REALLY hoping that the urinary reflux procedure will help. That would be so great! Please keep us posted!


elle said...

hope he does well sure he will though LOL

MarkCoyle said...

Anyone hear about Amy's case??