Sunday, September 10, 2006


If you were to look at all of Max's current symptoms, you would definitely say he is sick, sick, sick. But you were to look at MAX, you would think all is well (ok minus the heavy breathing!). He is acting completely normal. He definitely is the master of sending mixed signals.

His O2 needs have gone up significantly these past few days. Not huge, but significant increases from his baseline. His vomiting has increased over the past 24 hours. If the vomiting had started first, you could assume aspiration but not the case. Then last night he went from being majorly constipated to having many, many diarrhea episodes. Who knows!?!

I still am going to attempt church this morning and probably spend most of the time in the nursing room. Hopefully his sweet lil' butt takes a break for an hour!!! :) (We tried church last week but only lasted 15 minutes because he wanted no part of "being quiet," and he can't go into the daycare area.)

Just to make sure all is well, I am going to take him into the doctor's tomorrow for a "review."

Hope everyone has a great Sunday! We are loving having Grandma Mary here with us...she is VERY, VERY impressed with Mighty Max's progress! And she has been the blessed recipient of many "Max Attacks!" :)

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elle said...

hope he improves soon id call it charge LOL