Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It was definitely a good time that I started a new, more private site...this ridiculous divorce battle doesn't appear to be over anytime soon. And I'm sure I will have some venting to do.

Last week we received the proposed divorce order from the soon to be ex. Wow, it was more ludicrous than I thought possible.

Despite it being decided in court that I cannot work due to Max's needs, he is refusing to pay any spousal support....zip, zero, none. He will only pay child support as ordered by the court.

He didn't offer any suggestions...so I'm not sure what he thinks Max and I would do. How can I be Max's full time caregiver if there is absolutely no income?

Now both proposed orders are with the judge and we will wait to hear what she decides. I am hoping we don't have to appeal. I can think of much better ways to spend our money and time.

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Pearl said...

Amy - You should be sainted for what for you are putting up with. Have faith that good will win out over unreasonable! Chin up, girlfriend. You're doing all the right things and then some! We are so glad your health is well and that Maxwell continues to be so strong in spite of all the obstacles put in his path. Libs and I keep watching the bulk mail box for our invitation so we can keep up with you guys on the new Web site. We miss our daily dose of updates, inspiration and (of course) photos of the li'l man!!! ;-)