Tuesday, January 02, 2007


If you have requested but not received your "invite," please check your spam mail. Several people have found the emails going directly to there because of the address used from google.

Meanwhile, until you gain access...

Max is doing pretty well! :) We have all taken turns getting the stomach bug (again) and Max is even kind enough to share it with his nurses. I was pretty worried a few days ago about him but he has finally bounced back to somewhat his normal self.

I am quickly learning that isolation is very important for Maxwell. His immune system is truly compromised. It's amazing how quickly he can catch the latest bug and how much longer it takes him to recover.

Despite the bugs, he has reached some new milestones, which is VERY exciting, and is sporting a cool new short haircut. Incredibly handsome as always. :)

On a personal note, thanks for all the concerned emails about my health...greatly appreciated! The series of heart and lung tests all came back relatively normal. Yay! Well, ok they did diagnose me with "asthma" after a very lengthy test last week, but most likely it is stress induced...and fortunately it isn't anything serious. But my doctor highly recommended I find a way to eliminate at least some of the stress...hmm, perhaps resolving the divorce (separate post on that) will help.

This afternoon Max has OT at the hospital and then massage therapy at our house. The massages are supposed to help with his muscle tone and getting him familiar with his body. This is our third session.

This week we have our annual Birth to Three evaluation of Maxwell. We will review the goals we set in January 2006 and establish new ones for 2007! I am so excited to report everything he has accomplished! :)

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