Thursday, August 04, 2005


Yesterday afternoon Max endured yet another extensive eye exam. Coloboma is a common eye problem with CHARGE (80% - 90% probability) and causes severe loss of vision. MAX DOES NOT HAVE COLOBOMA! WOW! This was amazing news. A few weeks ago we were initially told that he most likely did not have this issue, but I wanted to be reassured on this and other eye matters. He also does not have glaucoma (which they thought was a possibility last week) or detachment of the retina (problem with preemies).

So while Max did not enjoy his exam (he was on morphine so he actually handled it pretty well!), I definitely enjoyed the good news!

This evening Max will be visited by his Uncle David and Aunt Meredith. So excited to introduce my beautiful baby to more family!


Brandy said...

Hi Amy!

Kelley Mitchell said...

Amy, What great news about Max's beautiful eyes!! This is a super idea! We continue to think about and pray for you and Max daily. Have a fun weekend. Kelley