Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Max and I enjoyed a wonderful morning together! After being a bit cranky (ok, more than just a bit!), Pru (one of Max's FAVORITE nurses) and I decided he needed his nose stints suctioned...and sure enough after that, he was wide awake and looking absolutely gorgeous! We read books and sang songs and just loved on each other big time! Here is one of my favorite photos...isn't he so yummy cute!?! Couldn't you just eat him up! ENJOY!

Speaking of Pru, this is a photo of Max being held by her as she prepares him for care. Can't you just see the love in his eyes? He really likes her a lot!

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Anara said...

Love, Love, Love..... that is exactly what you think about when you see this picture.... It makes me feel happy just looking at Max.
Love you soooooo much!!!!