Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Max officially graduated from the Intensive Care Unit exciting! He had quite a send off with several nurses tearing up as they said goodbye to sweet Maxwell.

The transition went well, but there was/is some confusion because everything is handled so differently on this new floor. We did have one "scare" (low blood pressure due to a new heart medication) which threatened his return to the ICU but it resolved within the hour thankfully.

Max watched TV for the first time tonight...ok, he slept in my arms and I watched! Oprah of course...I want to break him in early to good television :) (Meredith, I need to put his Oprah onesie on for next time!) However, right in the middle of a good show, Max decided to have a major desat (low oxygen level) and disturbs everything...crazy Max!

Now I am heading to bed and preparing for a restless night as I anticipate jumping up every time a monitor goes off...we'll see how it goes! But I am soooo excited about sleeping in the same room and tonight I had my first meal with him. Ok again, he slept and I ate...but we were in the same room! :) Progress is good!

Good night!


rebecca said...

So gald to hear the the step down in official. Can't wait to hear how your first night was!


Suzanne Holman said...

Amy, talking with you last night in your new "place" shared with Max it seemed as though you had REALLY started your life together...the normalcy of watching TV together....eating "together"... sleeping together.

Ruthie said...

Congratulations! Its sounds like you already have this whole parenting thing down- sleep, dinner, TV, and the occasional crazy moment. Way to go! I'm so happy for you both.

kate said...

Yeah, Max!! We are so happy that you are getting to share all of your time together now! I hope that things continue to go well for Max and that you can get some sleep!

Sara B said...

Congratulations Max and Amy! I can't wait to meet your little guy...SOON!