Saturday, August 20, 2005


Friday the 19th was Max's official due date...wild to think he was just supposed to be arriving now. Monday is his two month birthday. He certainly has many challenges ahead, but it's wonderful to think of all the progress he has made. He is absolutely amazing.

In the past few weeks he is acting more and more like a "term" baby...more alert time, which I love and cherish. Here is a snapshot of Max enjoying his new mobile.

He had another hearing screen this week. One ear they have detected mild hearing loss and the other ear's canal is too small to test at this time. They will retest in a month when he is bigger. While it is disappointing that he has any hearing loss, I am relieved to know it is not a profound loss which is quite common with CHARGE. Hopefully he has hearing in his right ear, but we will just have to wait and see.

Max and his cousin, Thomas (I like to call him "Jabba" - he is huge...and adorable!), finally met this to think of them growing up together. Eliz and I enjoyed putting them together on Max's bed for a brief moment!


Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Hi Amy and Max,

Sorry about the advertising comments! Who knew when I suggested it to you...sorry. Great news about his hearing and what a good picture of "Jabba" and Max. We will be down on Monday. We'll try to find you. Have a good weekend.

Kristy, Ray, and Dylan

tessa said...

I really am glad to hear about maxwell's hearing. always nice to get some good news. thanks for letting me come down and see you guys...maxwell is so beautiful... i am totally in love with him. you are one amazing mom amy...keep up all your hard work and give that beautiful baby boy some love from me.

Suzanne Holman said...

How great to see the two boys together at last!!!
I know they'll be lots of good times ahead for those two cousins!
I'm such a proud Grammy!

Suzanne Holman said...

Looks like Max is enjoying that really colorful mobile!

rebecca said...

Happy two month birthday Max!!! Your pictures are so cute; love the one with Thomas the Tank! Glad to hear about your hearing in your one ear. Now we know you can hear your mom and aunt talking and talking and talking (get used to it kid). I look forward to the day I can see you (I hope I get down there very, very soon). Be on the look out for some great works of art from your pal Griffin. He was busy last night. Huge hugs and kisses from us in Bellingham.

Meredith said...


I just logged onto the Internet for the first time in several days and got caught up on the blog. Wow! So much has happened since we saw you. It's exciting to see Max go outside, move to a new room, get a fun mobile, and share some time with Thomas.
I hope you are doing well and managing to get some sleep now and then. Please give some big kisses to Maxwell from me and Davey (oh, and Maggie, too!)

Ruthie said...

Max came out early you know just so he could get all that good mommy lovin' you give him! He didn't want to miss one single moment of it! He is a very smart boy. And by the way I am loving some of the new pictures of you guys. Take care!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Hi Amy and Max,

I am a friend of your Mom and Grandmother... (Suzanne!) and I have had you in my thoughts and prayers so much in the last few months I am so grateful to have photos and "a voice" to connect to as well.

What a beautiful baby boy - and so blessed to have such a loving, caring Mama -

With Love and Admiration,

Julie Jordan Scott
Katherine, Emma and Sam