Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Yesterday they attempted a "dilation" at the bedside while Max was sedated, and it appeared to have been successful. However, today's exam showed they still were too narrow. So Max will be heading back to the OR tomorrow (Thursday) to have his nasal passages reopened. They will laser the soft tissue and scarring and possibly drill more of the surrounding bone. We are hoping that stents do not have to be reinserted, but it may be necessary. He will have to have general anethesia and be reintubated (breathing tube). Both of these present complications...and quite simply are not fun. HOPEFULLY, he can be extabated soon after but if not, he will return to the ICU. Every time I have to "sign off" for surgery and be warned of all the risks...never easy to hear and agree to, but we don't really have a choice.

On another note, his cold really hit him hard for a few days, but I think he is on the road to recovery. With such a narrow airway, the congestion was REALLY impacting his breathing. He was breathing in the 100s...often in the 130s, which is just exhausting. Fortunately I was able to suction a lot of mucus out of his nose (he hates this, but it makes a BIG difference) throughout last night. After that I was able to reduce his oxygen slightly. Still isn't where he was as of Friday, but he is making improvements. A cold is never fun for any baby, but for a baby with such critical health issues as well as significant airway obstruction, it REALLY poses problems.

He seemed to feel much better today, and he enjoyed a lot of alert time with me, Elizabeth and Mom. He had some fun time in the swing and did really well with his sucking on my finger and binky...however, his oral aversion will take a hit tomorrow with being reintubated. Oh well, we will keep working on it! I was just so happy to see him not completely miserable! It just breaks your heart to see such a little guy struggling so hard to breathe.

Please keep Maxwell in your prayers tomorrow as he returns to the OR. Let's pray for a very successful surgery and a speedy recovery. We appreciate your love and support.


Kerry said...

Hi Amy,
You don't know me, but I have been praying for Max and you ever since I heard about Max through your sis at the scrapbook store, and I put you both on our prayer list at my small group bible study tonight. I pray surgery goes well tomorrow. Max is so precious and sweet, and you are a strong, awesome mom! God bless you,


Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Hi Amy,

I'm sorry to hear about the set back. We will be praying extra hard for you tomorrow. Take care and try to get some sleep.

Kristy, Ray and Dylan

rebecca said...

I am sending tons of prayers to Maxwell today. Let us know how he did when you get some time.


carolyn, dan, daniel & carly said...


I am writing on behalf of the whole Dan Gerkin clan to let you know that you and sweet Max are both in our constant thoughts. Max is so lucky to have such a strong and dedicated mom to look after him; I'm sure he finds strength in your love. We will keep you both in our prayers as he undergoes another surgery today. Much love to you and your angel.


Meredith said...

Maxi-Max, you sure are taking your mommy on a roller coaster ride! We are praying extra hard today for a successful surgery.

Davey says that he hopes he didn't give Max his cold by sending him all those hugs and kisses. Colds stink -- especially for someone with as nose as cute as yours, Max!

All our love --
Meredith and Davey

Steph said...

Amy and Max,

I'm thinking of you both, and hope and pray that all goes well tomorrow.

Lots and lots of love,