Thursday, September 29, 2005


I just met with the surgeon...and the report is good! He said we may have some "tweaking" to do in the future, but he feels optimistic that we may be "over the hump" with his choanal atresia. It would be an incredible relief to have the nose issue behind us, but I have a feeling we will have a few more trips to the OR. I'll worry about that later...right now, I want to focus on today's success.

He is in recovery, and we have not been able to see him, which of course is killing me! So excited to give my lil' man a big kiss!!! :) He will soon move to the ICU and we can visit him then. He was successfully extabated but will spend the night in the ICU for observation.

Thanks everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers...God was certainly helping the medical team today and helping Max be strong and brave!

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