Monday, October 17, 2005


Hmmm...not sure what to make of this evening. Max's heart rate has been quite low and irregular. So around midnight they did an EKG on his heart and there appeared to be some irregularity and they are going to consult with cardiology in the morning. I don't think this is anything to be TOO concerned with, but I'm really not sure. We'll wait and see what the cardiologist says. Everyone keeps asking me what the plan is for his heart...many are surprised the VSD has not already been repaired. Part of me would love to go ahead and get it fixed and hopefully eliminate some of his issues, but an open heart surgery on such a small, fragile guy might not be for the best.

Hopefully soon I can relax and head to's getting late. Tomorrow will be a busy day with many hefty discussions. In addition to the more pressing issues regarding his heart and lung status, I will also be meeting with ENT to discuss the results of the CT scan.


Anara said...

Ok, I think I have stopped crying enough now to be able to see the computer screen......I'm so sorry that Max is having so much trouble after his surgery. How wonderful that the young people came in to pray for Max, it sounds like they had the Holey Spirit with them and you can't ask for a better prayer session than that.... I haven't really been focusing too much on Max's heart condition, I feel that when the doctor's think he is strong enough and you think the time is right he will have the surgery. It's really amazing, but I think about and pray for Max so often each day that I feel as if I have been around him and know him. That sounds crazy, I know, but I don't know how else to explain my feelings. Just know that I love you two and am with you in spirit.
When I didn't see any postings this weekend and I told Michael "somethings up, Amy hasn't written since Friday" Well, I have carried on tooooo long, I'll let you get back to more important things. BIG hugs and kisses for our little guy from his Auntie Anara, Love you two. XOXOXO

rebecca said...

Wow, you have been on a roller coster this weekend. When I read about the people coming in a praying for Max, I had to stop and take a little cry break at my desk. It's amazing what total strangers can do for us. It makes me realize there are some great, great people in this world. I say little prayers for Max and you each day (several times a day). I will keeping doing so. Every little bit helps! I can not say this enough, you amaze me. You are such a great mother, Max is so proud to have you be his mommy.


Sara B said...

Oh lady! I'm so sorry! What a roller coaster ride...just know that there are so many people loving you and Max right're in so many peoples thoughts and prayers.
love you!

Steph said...

Hey Amy,

The prayer group sounds wonderful. I'm so thankful that they felt drawn to Max and lent you both additional hope and strength.

And my heart aches for Max as he endures all of these post-surgery issues. Wish we could take all of his pain away...better times are in store soon.

Thinking of you both.


Ruthie said...

Max has proven soooo many times that he is a fighter. Just remember that even fighters get knocked down sometimes, but they always get back up. With you in his corner, the "roller coaster kid" will always win. Sending all my love to you both!

Meredith said...

Hi, Amy:

I am so sorry to hear about all of Max's troubles after surgery. Davey and I will continue to pray and send our love across the miles. Wish we could make it all better for both of you.