Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Sorry for the delay in my posts...I have received many worried calls and emails. Many of you have said you start your day with a cup of java and a visit to Max's blog. So thoughtful of you! It has been so crazy busy and frustrating the last several days and just haven't had the desire to write any updates...sorry!

Good news! Max was transferred back to the floor yesterday...yea! There was much controversy over moving him...half the docs thought he should stay, the other half said he's fairly stable, let's move him and we can always bring him back up to the ICU. I personally think he is doing much better...back to the "pre surgery" Max but with a little pain. We are trying to work through that.

But I am very glad to have him back on the floor and I can be in his room all the time again. I think I may have slept for only two hours...but it is worth it to be there to comfort him. And after much asking, I was able to get us a room by ourselves!!! So the privacy is very nice and relaxing. Most likely we will give that up soon as soon as a child comes in that needs to be isolated. But for the time being, we will enjoy our special room! :)

He is back on full feeds of fortified breast milk and despite Max's "gassiness" (which makes him super fussy), all is going well there. He is back under 8 pounds again, so we need to focus on fattening him up!!!

As far as the big picture...we are in a "wait and see" period. We postponed our care conference until next week so that we have time to see how Max recovers from surgery and any changes in his respiratory status. We have changed "teams"...we were under the care of craniofacial, but as of yesterday, pulmonary is taking over. Both teams are wonderful, but Max's lungs are his #1 issue right now so I am eager to work more closely with the pulmonary unit.

All for now...Eliz and her family are coming up this afternoon to visit. Always fun to share sweet Maxwell! :)


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Steph said...

Thanks for posting great to hear that Max is out of ICU, in a private room again and back to his pre-surgery self. I'm hoping and praying and crossing fingers that the "wait and see" period goes really well!

Have fun with Eliz and the boys!


Anara said...

Ok, I can stop worrying. I'm very glad to hear Max is out of ICU and you have a room to your selves, even if it's for a short time. How wonderful that Elizabeth and the boys are visiting, that will make for a great day for you and Max.
Lots of Hugs and Kiss for Max. I love you two!!

Drew said...

Hey Amy,

Glad to hear Max is out of ICU. I hope is completely out of pain (and gas too) soon.


Meredith said...

Hi, Amy:

I was glad to read that Maxi-Max is out of the ICU...and into a private room no less! I'm sure it is nicer to be with him all the time. As always, we are sending sweet loving for you and Max and we're praying that things go well.

Take care of yourself! Love,
Meredith and Davey