Monday, October 17, 2005


Today marks yet another specialist joining the "Maxwell Medical Team"...neurology is consulting on him today. They are performing an EEG on him and we will discuss his "episodes" of irregular temp, heart rate, etc. I believe we have nearly every specialist involved now...yikes. (Even had the specialist nurse for "skin conditions" in today because Max has a really, really bad bruise on his arm due to too many IV pokes.)

Cardiology is reviewing Max's status today, and there was once again talk in rounds this morning about moving up the heart surgery. Not sure the cardiologist will agree...we'll see. They definitely wanted him bigger...the bigger he is, the more successful the surgery. And little Max is still only 8 pounds...much bigger than before, but still quite fragile.

Met with the new attending pulmonologist today...they change every week so I have to review "Max" each time with them. I think he will be very helpful...always good to have a fresh perspective and possibly a new idea to help Max's lung situation. He was encouraged by my belief that Max overall has become stronger and more alert in the last month.

ENT is not yet ready to meet with me regarding the CT scan. He wanted to consult with another ENT first, which concerns me. Usually when one doc wants to talk with another, there isn't promising news....but again, we'll see.

Sweet Maxwell is "stable" right now and we enjoyed lots of cuddling this morning. They started the tiniest amounts of Pedialyte into his stomach today...hoping he tolerates that well so they can increase the feeds as the day goes on. Eventually they will reintroduce the breast milk and we can get back to putting meat on his bones.

Needless to say, today is a very stressful and confusing day...thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Anara said...

I can't imagine the frustration of having to tell a new doctor each week Max's condition and what has been done already....God bless you and keep you... Max will start putting on weight again since he's going to be getting the good stuff
(Mommy's milk). I bet when Max grows up he will want to be a doctor, he's already learning so much. Paging doctor Maxwell.. it has a certian ring to it.
Max has to be one of the most amazing babies they have ever had at that hospital..
Lots of hugs and kiss for Max, I love you two!!!

Juliet A. Terry said...

Hi Amy,
I've never posted before, but tonight I'm in the office, catching up on the Max blog while I get some writing done, and my heart just goes out to you and your little prince. What a fighter he is, and what an amazing Mom you are.
I have this necklace hanging in my car from the Christopher Reeve foundation, something I look at every day for a little inspiration from a true fighter. On the front is a simple image, but something that is coming to mind this evening as I think about you two. The necklace has the red Superman logo and the simple message, "Go forward."
Keep going forward Amy and Max. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lisa S. said...

You and little Max are in my thoughts and prayers. You are such an amazing person -- and little Max seems to be as strong as you. I am so thankful someone sent me your blog address so I could stay updated. I can give my Sunday School class and Children's church updates on little Max now.

Lots of Prayers - Lisa Salisbury