Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I was going to post late last night because there was a decision to extabate early this morning...but I was too tired so I thought I would just this morning. And sure enough, the situation changed YET AGAIN over night.

His extabation has been postponed for several reasons. One, he continues to be fluid positive for many days now, despite his powerful diuretics. Two, he experienced many bradycardic episodes throughout the night. Today Max will have an EKG to see if they can determine any issues. This is a first for over a month, and there is a lot of confusion on why it is happening this time. Three, there appears to be an issue with his upper airway due to the absence of a leak around his breathing tube. The airway may be slightly collapsing or perhaps swollen due to his activity and the tube moving around. They put him on a steroid yesterday and we are hoping it makes a difference today. There was talk of just doing the extabation regardless...just to give him a try, but then the heart irregularity started. Hmm...

Additionally I consulted with the ENT yesterday to discuss numerous plans for Maxwell's ears...we will know more in weeks and months to come. From possible surgeries to tubes to mechnical devices, there is much to do yet for Max.

Hopefully I have better news on the lungs and heart later to share later today.


Chris said...


We're thinking and praying for you and Max. What a little trooper he is!


RebeccaA said...


You're in my daily prayers. Let us know if you need anything. We're close by!

Rebecca - Cameron & Nathan's mom