Monday, November 28, 2005


The bottom line is that Max is still intubated. He has recovered wonderfully from his heart surgery, however his preemie lungs continue to be a problem. We have tried a million different things this past weekend but he continues to breathe very fast. I met with the pulmonology team this morning and of course interrogated them...that whole team just gets a kick out of how many questions and ideas I have! I absolutely love those doctors and they are so willing to accept my active involvement and thoughts, which is wonderful!

Today Max will officially leave the Cardiac ICU since he is doing so great in his cardiac recovery and will be transferred to the medical team of PICU. We are making progress...

It is possible we will try extabation today or tomorrow and just see what Maxwell does! If all goes OK (as far as no emergency reinbutation), we will then just watch and monitor his rate and growth and then determine if a trach would help.


Steph said...

Hey Amy,

Great to hear that Maxwell's cardiac recovery continues to go so well! He truly is amazing...

And I'm praying that extabation can happen soon, and is successful as well.

Lots of love,

Anara said...

How wonderful!!!! I so happy that Max's heart surgery went so well. His lungs will get better and better, he just needs a little time. But look how far he has come already, what a wonder Max is. I am praying that Max will be extabated in the next few days. I Love you two. Give Max a big hug and kisses for me! XOXOXOXO