Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Yesterday Max was FINALLY extabated! YAY MAXWELL! :)

It was tough at first and they thought they were going to have to reintubate him and then probably schedule the tracheostomy if he failed again in a few days. However they tried a few measures (different drugs and breathing treatments) and then put him on CPAP (a mask over his nose which provides positive pressure)...and within hours, he started improving! His airway has some swelling and possible narrowing probably due to being intubated for six weeks...but we will know more in the next day or so.

He isn't doing "great" but he is doing good...which is definitely progress. We did a blood gas yesterday after a few hours and it was good. I literally was crying and jumping for joy at the same doctors were laughing at me but they were pretty excited too! It was so amazing to finally see his face is truly like a rebirth, it is soooo amazing. I wish I could adequately describe my joy!!!! He is incredibly gorgeous and even more so than six weeks ago. He found his tongue again last night and had great fun licking his lips....very cute. He looks even more comfortable today, which is very reassuring.

The doctors have reminded me though that while he might not need a trach at this point, it will be discussed time and time again in the next few years because of his chronic lung disease and airway issues. Any time Max gets sick or if he is unable to get weight because of his work of breathing, we may turn to a trach. But that's then...and this is now. So I am focused on today and TODAY Max looks great! (Well great for being in the ICU!)

Max has had a million and one visitors today...all of his adoring nurses and doctors wanting to see this gorgeous lil' boy without his breathing tube. Everyone is soooo excited to see his sweet mouth again! So nice he has such a big fan club in the hospital! Fun to have people share in our progress!

The last 24 hours have been very critical in knowing how well he could do being it's a wait and see game if he can keep his CO2 stable and his weight increasing. C'mon Max, keep up the great work!!! You are one miraculous lil' man!!!

Please keep praying for Max's improvement and progress (specifically easy and effective breathing) and also keep our friend Carter in your prayers. He is a 6 month old in the IICU here and he took a turn for the worse last night, and we are hoping he can fight off the infections and resume stability soon. His parents and I have been become close through the month and they are very worried about their lil' angel. Thank you everyone!


Renee said...

I have been checking Max's blog almost hourly to see how the extabation was going over the past 24 hours! Soooooooooooooooooo excited that he is doing well and playing with his little cute is that! I am telling you girl you are on a roll and nothing but good things are headed your and Max's way. Please give him a kiss from the Hart clan and I look forward to talking to you again soon.
Much Love,

Meredith said...

What great news! Go, Maxi-Max!! We are so glad to hear that things have been looking up lately. How wonderful it must be for you to see his beautiful face again. He is truly an angel sent from heaven.

All our love --
Meredith, David, and Davey

Anara said...

Max is doing so great!!!! I'm so happy for you and Max, it must be a great relief to have him extabated.. YEA!!!! Everything else will come along also, you'll see, that little guy of your's is amazing... Now you can give Max good kisses from Auntie Anara. I love you two and will continue to pray very hard for his lungs and heart and hearing, oh, I'll just pray for all of him, how's that?
Love, Anara