Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Max's carbon dioxide and bicarb levels have increased in recent days, which is worrisome. This is one of the factors that could keep him in the hospital and possibly move us toward a tracheostomy. The doctors have encouraged me to stay positive but that we must follow this closely. I am HOPING that I wasn't getting too excited...too quickly. We are still moving towards a discharge plan, but if this issue doesn't resolve, plans may change.

SPECIFIC PRAYER REQUEST: Maxwell's lungs need healing and growth. He needs to effectively and calmly breathe...inhaling good oxygen and exhaling and ridding the body of the CO2.


Steph said...

(((praying that Max's Co2 release if not an issue)))

Hang in there Max!! We know you want to be home for Christmas!!!

Anara said...

You know that Max will not let his Co2 keep him down, his our champ and will figure this one out also!
I will pray for Max's breathing to become calm.. He can sure us a lot more face time with his Mommy.
I'm so excited about his home coming celebration!
I love you two, big hugs and kisses to Max for me... XOXOXO