Sunday, December 04, 2005


Let's see...not A LOT of medical changes the past few days...FINALLY!!! But there are a few updates:

The partially collapsed lung issue seems to be resolving with some treatments. Whew, what a relief! He continues to breathe pretty fast but does not appear too distressed fortunately.

His ear infection appears to be clearing it up. At first they were concerned the ear drum had separated, but they believe it is an infection that can be cleared with antibiotics. Until this is cleared, we cannot use the hearing aides, which is disappointing. But there will be plenty of time, I am just sooo excited to start having Max hear the world!

Max received his vaccinations yesterday (high risk for absolutely everything so we have to get the works!) and had a low grade fever today but it has subsided this evening. He handled it all like a pro...he is incredibly tough. When I got my flu shot the other day (everyone in the family was ordered to by Max's doctors), I was somewhat anxious and then realized Max has to deal with that each and every day and he barely flinches. Amazing, absolutely amazing!

His fluid balance continues to be quite high, but his diuretics cannot really be changed or increased due to his kidney issue. So we are hoping as more time passes after the surgery, this issue gets to be less of a problem. However, he will always retain extra fluids due to his chronic lung disease...I will just have to keep a close eye on that.

He is not growing as fast as the nutritionist would like...but between his recent surgery and his condition, that is somewhat to be expected. I am going to meet with her again tomorrow to discuss our goals and set a plan.

Sedation is always an issue when you have been intubated for such a long time. Before he went to the floor, his sedation needed to be changed from IV to oral (GTube) and on a plan for weaning. That has started and is going well. So he no longer needs the IV...yay! One less "attachment"!!! He will remain on some sedation when he comes home due to his respiratory issue, but we are hoping he comes off of the major doses without too much withdrawal.

Lastly, we are transferring to the floor tomorrow. YIPPEE!!! Everyone is so excited for Mr. Max. The ICU nurses and doctors are astounded at how well he has recovered and the floor nurses keep coming up to visit him...they are getting excited for him to return downstairs!!!

GO MAX GO!!! You are amazing lil' man!!! Hope everyone enjoys all the new photos...Max wanted to share his "gorgeousness" with the world! He is getting cuter and cuter every day, isn't he!?!?!

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Steph said...

Thanks so much for the awesome pics Amy! And congrats on the contined great progress...and graduation to the floor! Such exciting news!

xoxo Steph