Sunday, December 04, 2005


Here are the latest and greatest photos of me, MIGHTY MAX! Enjoy!

Tomorrow I graduate from the ICU and head to the step closer to home sweet home!!! I am sooooo excited...especially because I can finally meet my pups, Barney and Shakespeare. Mom says we have to find a way to not let them eat my hearing aides, oxygen tubes or GTube! They sound a little crazy but Mom sure loves them, so they must be pretty wonderful!!!

Wish me luck this week...I am planning on the getting the heck out of here VERY soon! Have a great week everyone! I plan to!!! Love, MAX (Mommy says hi too and thanks everyone for your prayers!!!)

"Here I am with my infamous 'nose hose' (aka CPAP). Not fun at all, but it did help my lungs recover from such a long intubation!"
"I'm free, I'm free! Time to move and groove...and get out of this joint!!! Today I was making my mommy and grammy laugh and laugh with all my moving. I am a WIGGLER!!!"
"Notice my stereo on my bed? My mommy always plays me lots of sweet lullabies and Christian rock. Despite my hearing loss, I enjoy my music lots! Excited for my new hearing aides, so I can enjoy music even more!"
(Sorry this photo is doesn't have the software at the hospital to change it.)
"Even when I am sideways, I am adorable! Don't you just want to pinch my chubby cheeks??? Better use PURELL first or Mom will panic!!!"
"Yes Mommy, I know you adore have told me about a million times today! You're so silly, but I love you too."


Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Wow Max! You are looking GOOD and a whole lot bigger. Congratulations on all your exciting news.

Kristy, Ray, and Dylan

Steph said...

Maxwell!!! You are so beautiful!! What a big, handsome boy you are.

Keep up the good work, sweetie-pie. We all want you home with your Mommy and the pups at Christmas.

Love you,

Ruthie said...

Max you are so big! You look absolutely fabulous! Sooo handsome. And Amy you look as beautiful as always. Thanks so much for posting the pictures!