Thursday, December 22, 2005


Yesterday was a huge day from start to finish! The morning was absolutely crazy busy dealing with faulty equipment (VERY frustrating!), Max's very long of prescriptions, preparing the equipment for the long ride home, etc. and just basically wrapping up Max's six month stay at Children's. Nurses, doctors and patient's families from around the hospital were all dropping by to give their last "congratulations" to Maxwell! It was so heartwarming to see how many lives Max has touched.

THEN we arrive home and WOW, our hearts were once again warmed!!! WHAT A HOMECOMING! My biggest thanks to everyone who participated! I am still overwhelmed! If Max only knew how wonderful his fan club was, he would be sooo impressed!!!

For those of you not in the area, my sister and brother in law had sent the word out to everyone that we were arriving home yesterday afternoon. So when we drove up, there was a huge banner hanging over a main road in town declaring "WELCOME HOME MAX!" And then...we turn on to our street and there was a huge screaming crowd of people with "Welcome Home, We Love You Max" signs!

Then the TV crew came over (they drove from Seattle and had been waiting for hours) to the house and we did another interview there.

It was absolutely crazy, overwhelming and quite simply AMAZING! To see all of these people standing out for hours in the cold rain waiting to greet you and celebrate your son's homecoming....WOW, thank you everyone. You certainly made our day very, very, very special!!! It was absolutely perfect! THANK YOU!!! :) Your love and support these past six months has helped soooo much!

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