Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Tonight my cousin Jackson looked at one of my framed photos on the bookshelf and said, "I could just eat you up Maxwell!" How funny is that!?! A three year old pretty much was mocking my mommy because she is always talking about how cute and yummy delicious I am. It was very funny! :)
Speaking of YUMMY, wait until you see these photos! ENJOY! Love, MIGHTY MAX
No seriously, could I be ANY cuter?

Yummy...this feeding tube is delicious!
(Max has decided that his tubes and wires are super fun toys. Last night in the bath, he found his Gtube and keeps pulling on it and bringing it to his mouth. VERY cute, but won't be good if he pulls it out! HOW SUPER CUTE IS HE IN HIS LIL' BATHTUB???)

Hello everyone! I am finally learning to enjoy toys...slowly but surely. Mom just giggles when she sees me reach for this ball. :)

Mom is finally getting a hang out of making me "mobile" through the house. On the right is my oximeter...on the left is my feeding pump...and I have a 50 foot tube that connects to my gigantic oxygen tank. Yes, it requires some extra time to move around and sometimes that can be a bit stressful...but we are really trying to make the best out of the situation! :) This day Mommy really needed to do some work (bills, equipment orders, etc.) so she moved me into her office...but I was being so cute (and my monitor kept going off too...oops!) that she was quite distracted!

I wish I may, I wish I might...have this wish I wish tonight!
(Doesn't Maxwell look so angelic in this photo? And it looks like he is praying. I LOVE this photo! This is sooo him...he just adores playing with his hands.)


IronDad said...

Best wishes for Max.

Jeni Smith said...

We're praying for you in WV Max!!
Come and visit as soon as you can!!

Ruthie said...

Too cute! Love the pictures. It helps keep us connected to you despite the long miles. Thank you for taking the time to post-

Renee said...

Amy, these pictures are priceless!! He truly is a beautiful baby boy. We are so happy for you both to be home. It looks like you guys are really falling into your own routine.
Love and Prayers, Renee and Sean

Meredith said...

Maxi-Max couldn't be more gorgeous! I, too, would like to eat him up because he's so yummy delicious!

Love, Meredith

Dana said...

Mighty Max is super handsome! I have been following you for quite some time Max. Everyday I get on to see what is new with you. I am so happy to see that you are doing well, along with Mommy! You are truly inspiring!