Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Maxwell had his weekly doctor's appointment today (vaccinations, weight/height, overall exam, med/diet changes, etc.) and all is STABLE...that wonderful, magical word. We are stunned that he has managed to stay healthy (well, for the most part) enough to stay out of the hospital. We are doing everything possible to ensure this trend continues...he is being safeguarded like the precious, invaluable jewel that he is!

He simply amazes me every day. The doctor was teasing me today that every time he steps back into the room, Max and I are always googly eye for each other. I absolutely LOVE to smother him with kisses...and Max shows me his appreciation with a big ol' smile! Oh, I could just eat him up!!! He is soooo YUMMY delicious...and man oh man, when he smiles at you, WOW...I can't even put the joy into words!

It's almost time for Max's meds...I must run. Tonight we don't have a nurse so it will be an all nighter...hopefully uneventful! :) And then first thing in the morning I have a call with my divorce attorney to prepare for the temporary hearing next week. All night no sleep, then dealing with the divorce stuff...yikes!

Hope all is well with everyone...Max sends thanks for all the amazing prayers. We feel incredibly loved and supported by our friends, family AND many, many complete strangers! We have received numerous anonymous gifts and cards in the mail (which simply make our day!)...and Eliz is stopped frequently in public being asked how her baby (Max) is doing. Apparently a lot of people read the newspaper feature on Max and people assume she is me! Pretty funny! Lots of love here in Bellingham for Mighty Max! We are so excited for the day when Max is healthy and strong so he can meet more of his fans!!! :)


Ruthie said...

Amy just remember that Max is wonderful because of how wonderful you are. You are truly an amazing person and that is why Max is so "STABLE"! I am sorry about the other crap you have to deal with. Eventually it will be over and you can have complete focus on the wonderful gift you have been given. Take care-

Cathy Humphrey said...

You are truly an amazing pair! At the Ripley Curves, we can view the updates on the bulletin board each time we make the circle. You are continually in our thoughts and prayers.
Take care...