Sunday, January 08, 2006


While we are in a brief pit stop at home so I can pump and Max can get his feeds, I thought I'd send a quick note to update everyone on Maxwell this weekend.

He has not overcome this nasty "bug" and continues to spike fevers and have diarrhea...which is making him incredibly uncomfortable. The past 36 hours he has not stopped crying and/or fussing. We have been making MANY trips to the lab for blood draws to ensure the stability of his electrolytes and changing his meds accordingly. However, today because of his high fever and diarrhea issues, the doctor is thinking he will need to be checked in at the local hospital. We were REALLY hoping to avoid that...but if that is what we need, so be it. He had started to recover mid week and we were quite hopeful, but then fell back again.

Right now we are waiting at home while we wait to hear today's lab results. We had to go to two different places because the first was unable to get a good vein to draw from. Yet another fun filled, exciting weekend! Poor lil' Max is so incredibly sad...his cries are simply heartbreaking. And we are both absolutely exhausted!

I am still keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have to go to the hospital...but we'll see. The odds are against us this time. At least I hope it is only for an overnight stay for observation, IV, etc....and we can fix him up again and bring him back home.


Kerry said...

Hey, Mighty Max, you and mommy hang in there! I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling very good. I'll keep praying for you to get better. You're famous now, you know! I bet there are more people praying for you than ever before because the Bellingham Herald made sure EVERYBODY knows what a special little guy you are!


Anonymous said...

Hey Max and Amy
Ya'll keep hanging in there.
Saying prayers that you both get some answers and some much needed sleep.

Take pictures when he's sleeping. So angelic. So peaceful. Those moments plus all his new milestones make these sleepLESS nights worth it.