Thursday, January 12, 2006


There were three baby boys in the NICU at the same time at Children's. We all came in around the same time and we, the parents, all became good friends. Friendships happen quickly and deeply when in such tragic situations. Carter, Maxwell and Lane soon became known as the "Three Amigos" and Lane's mom made them matching "amigo" style blankets. Unfortunately Carter's body was slowly deteriorating over the past months and there were many times we were told he probably had less than 48 hours. However, each time Courageous Carter would pull through and surprise everyone.

On our discharge day, I had a few moments to say a quiet emotional goodbye to Carter and I encouraged him to let us know what he needed....if he was to be here, everyone would do whatever possible for him...but if he was needing to go, it was ok too and we would take care of his parents. His body finally gave up early this morning, and now we as his friends and family are finally having to let go of this precious little boy....Max's amigo.

Miraculously Carter's parents (who are fabulous and loving people) just recently found out they are pregnant...I like to believe that Carter was waiting for a sign and this was exactly what he wanted for his parents. Nothing will ever replace Carter or his presence in this world, but what a miracle to have a new life to celebrate at the same time we grieve his loss.

Please keep the Hayes family in your prayers tonight and wish them peace and comfort as they mourn the passing of Courageous Carter.

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Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Hi Max,

It's me, Dylan...again. Sorry to hear about your friend. Tell your Mommy that we are still thinking about you two. And your puppies.


(Kristy and Ray too)