Thursday, February 16, 2006


Tomorrow we have our weekly trip to Seattle for more clinic visits. We are very excited because we are getting together with one of our favorite nurses. She was Max's primary for many, many months and adores him! She is going to be amazed with how good he looks!!!

She told me about a recent dream she had and it brought joyful tears to my eyes. She says she rarely dreams about her patients but the few she has, the dreams always come true. Well she recently dreamed about Maxwell as a toddler and he was running around my backyard in his jeans and white tshirt...all smiley and happy. Isn't that wonderful!?! Such a wonderful vision to have of our sweet lil' Maxwell!

Tomorrow will also be very fun because Max's grandparents (my parents in WV) are coming in town!!! He hasn't seen his "Papa & Grandma" since before heart surgery when he was intubated, heavily sedated and quite simply, not looking or feeling good at all. They are going to be blown away with how great he looks!!! YAY!!! I am soooooooooooooo excited about showing him off!!!


Ruthie said...

Amy I am so glad that you are hearing good thoughts from several different people. I like that dream of Max too! I totally can see it happening also. And I am more glad that you have family coming in!! Max is not going to know what to do with all this attention! Have fun!!
Take care!

Steph said...

Hey Amy and Maxwell!

I'm catching up on your last few posts...been busy with silly things at work this week. I LOVE ALL THE PICS OF MAXWELL!!!!! Wow -- he's getting to be such a big boy, and what a smile! Soooo adorable. I can't wait to see you guys...

Have a great time with Papa and Grandma! And what a great dream Max's nurse had...I can see him running around your backyward now!

Love you guys,

rebecca said...


I am so excited about Max's Guild; I know it will be amazing.

The pictures you posted are amazing. I am in love with the blue bunny one. Sending tons of love your way.