Thursday, February 16, 2006


Mom says she has received many demands for more photos! So of course she is more than willing to brag about how cute I am!!!

How adorable am I all cuddled up in my bunny suit? Yes, it's a little embarrassing but it does keep me very warm!!!

Mom, Aunt Eliz, my cousins, and I took a walk to the local playground earlier this week. Of course I couldn't play on it quite yet, but Mom and I enjoyed just cuddling together and watching everyone have fun. Minus the O2 backpack on Mom, the monitor sitting beside us and my oxygen tubing, and you can barely tell me apart from all the other kiddos! :)

I am just starting to enjoy this bouncy seat...I love all the lights! But all this playing can really wear out a lil' boy!

Here I am playing with yet ANOTHER new toy...yay! We now have a toy like this for about every room in the house. Mom has enough equipment to move around for me that we can't always be moving around my toys too. YAY for me...lots of different fun! She convinces herself that the variety and amount of toys is very important for my therapy...makes her feel less guilty for spending so much money! Therapy or not, I enjoy all the toys! Yes I know, I'm a bit spoiled, but don't you think I'm worth it??? :)

Here I am with my adorable older cousin, Jackson. I am doing my favorite thing...blowing bubbles!


Ruthie said...

Max you are just too cute! And you are looking soooo good! You just let everyone spoil you because it seems to only be making you cuter!

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Great pictures Max! You are a very photogenic kid.

When things quiet down after Grandma and Grandpa's visit, give us a call. Dylan wants to play!

Talk to you soon. Have a great trip to Seattle.

Kristy, Ray, and Dylan

Mary Karr said...

Oh, Maxwell, you are such a cute little bunny and your ears are adorable! Here in WV we love the EERS!


Maxence said...

Very cute little boy indeed !! One of my nickname is Mighty Max as well :)