Thursday, February 16, 2006


I finally got to spend Valentine's Day with the love of my life...Mighty Max! :) While some women might expect flowers and chocolate, all I need is some snuggle time with my lil' miracle and all was well.

Actually that night was a little eventful and for once it wasn't Max causing the chaos. I made dinner for Eliz and Jim, and Thomas (Max's 6 month old cousin) was on the floor and swallowed something...we weren't sure at first but he was acting very differently and vomited several times. The doctor instructed them to take him to the E.R., and sure enough Eliz's mommy intuition was right on...something was in the back of his throat and they said it could have been very dangerous if they hadn't brought him in. Whew...we were so relieved when everything was ok.

Jackson stayed with me when they went to the hospital and that was quite a hoot. I have a new appreciation of moms of multiple children...especially if one has special needs!!! I was trying to give Max all of his nightly care (medicines, inhalers, etc.) and Jackson insisted he wanted my complete attention at the same time. Not very easy with all that has to be done with Max...eeks!

Finally Jackson agreed to help me give Max a bath and immediately he said, "Amy, look at Max's big boo boo. He needs a really, really big band aid for that." He was of course referring to the scar from heart surgery, but how do you explain heart surgery to a three year old? Then he was asking about his GTube button...and again how do you explain that your baby eats directly into his stomach. I tried but Jackson thought I was kidding and started laughing. Not sure if he really is ready for that medical lesson yet!

Then I was rocking Max and trying to get him to go to sleep and Jackson thought it would be a great idea to read us some stories. But each time I would sit down with Max and untangle all of the wires, Jackson would want me to get back up and get another book. Well getting up and down with Max and his equipment is not all that easy sometimes! Finally the oximeter fell and I tried to get Jackson to silence it and he pressed the wrong button and it went all weird...anyway, you get the picture. We were quite a comical sight!!! :) I absolutely adore my nephew Jackson and can't wait until Max is bigger and stronger and they can play together! He will teach him so much! That will be sooooo exciting! The three of them are going to get into lots of trouble together someday...I cannot wait!

I finally got them both to sleep and all was well...but what an evening! :)


Ruthie said...

I'm glad that the baby wasn't seriously hurt but it does sound like you and Max had a wonderful evening! Good work on the multi-tasking! I'm sure Jackson will be asking to spend more time with you and Max very soon!

Anara said...

What an evening!!! I can just see you with the two of them and Jackson asking questions and you trying to answer them.
I am very happy to hear the baby was ok once they cleared his throat. That's so scary when you don't know what is wrong. The evening turned out good though, it will be wonderful to see the three of them playing one day soon.
I Love you two!!!