Saturday, March 18, 2006


Max had a fairly restless night. He is not in terrible pain, but he is certainly isn't very comfortable. He still is running a fever, and I believe he has an ear infection as well. With their ear "malformations," ear infections are very common with CHARGErs so yesterday when he started grabbing his ear a lot, my heart sank. Here we go...I have heard those are quite painful and VERY reoccuring. So we will probably be heading to the doctor's office again today for a checkup on that.

We'll see what today brings...


Anara said...

Ear infections are so hard on the little ones, they can't tell you where and how much it hurts, so you just cry with them..... I pray that Maxwell will get some relief from his fever and ear ache very soon. It's so difficut to want to make it all better NOW!!!! and knowing you can't. My heart goes out to Max.
Max is in my thoughts and prayers.
Love, Anara

Ruthie said...

Day by day. Just try and focus on what to do for today. Hang in there sweetie. Despite what might be going through your head sometimes- YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB!!! Max is wonderful and so are you!
Take care-

MarkCoyle said...

Boy Amy, I wish you had some help, you poor thing. Where the heck is the boy's father? Is Vic planning another trip there now that the legislative session is over?