Sunday, March 19, 2006


Yep, we were right...Max has a raging ear infection in his right ear. We went to the hospital yesterday, and as soon as the doctor went to look at it, Max screamed bloody murder. She said it was bright red and obviously very sore. Additionally, she thinks he has a touch of pneumonia. So he is on some antibiotics and we are hoping they will kick in very soon. He doesn't seem to be real uncomfortable, which is good...but he just is more tired and sad than usual. His heart rate and breathing rate seem slightly better already. Yesterday the doctor clocked him at 100 breaths per minute, and that really alarmed her. But I explained to her (this is not Max's primary physician) that his baseline was also high but this was certainly much worse. Always interesting when I have a new doctor or nurse (like on weekends) and I need to explain everything about him....quite a laundry list. Yesterday the nurse was going about her business and she was about to put on an oximeter and I didn't think anything about it for a second...I was just letting her do her thing. Then it hit me, not all kids are on oxygen and oximeters and she assumed he wasn't either. Once I pointed out the 02 tank and oximeter probe, she was all embarrassed. It was pretty funny. :)

Anyway off for a little more therapy...Max seems to be feeling ok right now so we just had a good tummy time session. He lifted his head several times (just an inch or two) which was great! (And as a wonderful bonus - he didn't cry about it! He didn't love it, but he didn't hate it!) He is definitely making progress in this area...slowly but surely.

So after 10 minutes of that, I thought I'd give him a break and post an update on him. I have had several worried emails...thank you for your concern!

We didn't go to church this morning, which was disappointing, but I felt like Max shouldn't be exposed to anything extra right now. He needs to work on getting strong again! Meanwhile, I am in a obsessive cleaning mode...trying to get out every particle of dust in our house. I have air purifiers running constantly and I feel like I dust and vacuum all the time...but yet I still find grime around! The two dogs certainly add to the mess!

Happy Sunday from Amy, Max, Barney and Shakespeare!!! :)


Anara said...

Oh, goodness...poor little Angel..
Hopefully the antibiotic will kick in quickly and Max will be feeling better soon. You don't call him Mighty Max for nothing!
Michael and I are praying for Maxwell...
Love, Anara

ang said...

Poor Little Guy!!

Hope he gets on the mend. Saying prayers for quick healing Maximillion!!!

Sara B said...

Hey Lady-
So good to see you last night...thanks SO much for the slurpee. Keeping Mighty Max, as always, in my prayers.

Ruthie said...

I'm so sorry that he isn't feeling well. But with the care that you are giving him I'm sure it won't last long. And don't freak out too much about your house- I swear sometimes they get dirty by just breathing! Besides, I'm sure that Max would rather have you hugging and sqeezing on him instead!
Take care-

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