Saturday, March 04, 2006


After that weird study Mom and the doctors made me do the other day (did you see the photo of me with that white stuff all over my face...barium, yuck!), I have not been very interested in tasting anything but we do keep trying. Several times a day Mom has that spoon in front of me and she thinks if she smiles a lot and makes funny faces that I will think this is great fun...she's not fooling me! I am keeping my mouth closed! No more barium!

Maybe I will ease up in a few days and let her back in, but we'll see! For now, I'll keep making her work hard! :)

Check out how cute I am in my latest photos...yep, that's me, more and more handsome every day!
Love to all, MIGHTY MAX

I am wearing a bib for the very first time. Mom was soooo excited! :)

My OT lent us this funny lil' chair to provide me the "ultimate position" for feeding. My house is getting quite filled up with all these therapy gadgets, but heck whatever works, we'll try it!


Drew said...


You need to eat, buddy. You're very cute in your bib though. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.


Anara said...

Well, you sure do look cute in your chair and your definitly stylen with your bib. You are just tooooo cute Max!!!! Be a good boy for your Mommy and take a few bits, you'll be rewarded with her beautiful smile... Have a great weekend. I love you two!!!

RebeccaA said...


Just keept trying and keep it fun. The mouth is a fun place - I'm sure you know all of that. Most of all, no matter what, Max is doing great for Max. I know it can be frustrating but his path to eating may not be linear. As I've shared, Cameron's path off his g-tube was a true test of patience and surrender (for me). Maybe Max just needs a "Max Dance" for every bite he takes. You're both doing great! :>)
Mom to Cameron and Nathan

Ruthie said...

Mommy promises this isn't Barium! Try it, you'll like it!! This will be the beginning of all sorts of wonderful things you'll get to put in your mouth!
Take care-

Steph said...

Mighty Max -- I can't wait to kiss those sweet cheeks!!

And please take some bites for Mommy!

Love you,