Tuesday, April 11, 2006


On the way back from Children's the other day, I stopped at an outlet in search of a good hat and sunglasses for Maxwell. His facial palsy (I will write a post one of these days about that, I promise!) prevents him from blinking his right eye and therefore the bright sun really bothers him.

So I was SO excited about finding a hat with a good brim and a pair of true sunglasses. As soon as we put the hat on him, I started crying and laughing in the store. I mean, come on really, HOW ADORABLE IS HE??? It is absolutely ridiculous how cute he is!!! :)

Like my hat? I do too!!!

My hat protects my eyes and it is fun to play with! And as an added bonus, everyone thinks I look soooo cute in it! Like I needed any more attention!!! :)


Steph said...

Are you kidding me? I didn't think he could get any cuter! He's sooo handsome.


Rixmanns said...

He is so totally adorable. Micah has almost the same hat and I love it on him (he loves to rip it off!) I'd love to get a picture of the two babies together!
Can't wait to see you,

Drew said...

Great pics! He's a cutie. I love the hat.


Kerry said...

Oh my gosh!!! Those are the cutest pics I've ever seen!!! Max, you rock!!


Kirstin said...

Seriously, he rocks. Love the hat..Great pictures...

Lori said...

Max, you are so stinkin' cute! I was almost brought to tears by "all the cuteness" as well! Love it-- and love YOU!


elle said...

more lip smaking pic yummmmmm