Tuesday, April 11, 2006


"Future's so bright...gotta wear shades!"
(How absolutely ADORABLE is Max in his new hat and shades???)

Mom, seriously do you EVER put that camera down?
(Whatever Max, you love it!!! Elizabeth and I were just joking this week about how Max ALWAYS turns to the camera...he is already such a ham!!! Love it, love it!!!)

Am I a bathtime beauty or what???
This is the very first book I read to Max and we still enjoy reading it together. After we were done reading today, I put him back in bed for a moment and he was busy playing. And then I turn back around and he is passed out with his book and all his toys...too cute!!!


Kirstin said...

Love the shades. He is sooo cute. Keep the pictures coming! Kisses to Max...

Kate said...

I love these pictures of Max. He's such a beautiful baby. I send my love and prayers to both of you.

Drew said...

I love the picture of Max sleeping with the book next to his head. He just couldn't quite finish his reading before he drifted off. So cute!

elle said...

yummmmmmmmmm jsut like eva in charge land all babies r liek that even my medicaly normal 14month old cousin i want to gobble up and shes walking and climbing lol