Friday, April 21, 2006


Tomorrow Max will be 10 months old...WOW! My how time flies! :) It's been the shortest yet longest year of my entire life...definitely the most eventful!

And on June 22, Max will be ONE year old! I am so excited to throw him a birthday bash and celebrate his amazing victory. That day will also be a great celebration of him being home and finally beating out the six months he spent in the hospital.

It's amazing to think that 6 or 7 months ago we weren't sure if Max would ever reach his first birthday. It seemed as though his body was shutting down and the situation was not looking too promising. There are different studies of life expectancy for CHARGE kiddos...but the two most common report that 20 - 40% of them pass away in the first year, especially those with choanal atresia and heart defects. Max had BOTH of those life threatening conditions.

So this little man we call "MIGHTY MAX" is certainly a miracle...he has surpassed the odds in so many ways and hopefully will continue to do so! I feel confident that he will!

Happy 10 months Maxwell! :)


elle said...

i believe he will live to my age 21 maybejunees a miricle month coz i was born june 28th 1985 welll now im gonna call it the miricle charge month LOL go for gold max

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Wow! 10 months already? I can't wait for his 1st birthday. Talk about a very deserved celebration.

Happy 10 months Max.

Kristy, Ray, and Dylan

Drew said...

Happy B-Day Mighty Max!

Ruthie said...

Amy with a mom like you and all the love, support, and most importantly attention you give him, there is no surprise that that little guy just keeps growing and developing. Congratulations to you both!
Take care-

Steph said...

Happy 10 months Maxwell!!!!!

You continue to amaze and inspire us all...what a celebration the 1 year mark will be!

Love you,