Wednesday, April 19, 2006


(I have been waiting forever for Maxwell to fit into this adorable jumper...and yay, it finally fits!!!)

Are these not the most beautiful flowers??? Thanks Kirs for the super nice birthday gift...they bloomed just in time for Easter! Perfect! :) And yes we already polished off the Easter baskets of goodies Kim and Kirs!!! Thanks!!!

I recently put his tray on his swing and he is just starting to enjoy it. With his low muscle tone, he still has to be sitting back a bit...but at least this encourages him to reach and better work his arms.

Just like his mommy, Max enjoys a self portrait now and then (with a little help)!!! Hey OU girls, does this remind you of anyone???


elle said...

you should send that last pic to lisa for the charge pics page its so cute

Drew said...

Thanks for posting the per usual, Max you are a handsome fella! So cute.

Steph said...

I LOVE the first pic in particular! He's so handsome and yummy!!!